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Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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Are you a WOLF or SHEEP?

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Fable of Aesop… 

According to the fable, a hungry wolf came upon a sheep‘s fleece lying on the on ground in a field. The wolf realized that if it wore the fleece, it would look like a sheep from a distance. That would enable the wolf to sneak up on a flock of sheep and steal a lamb for its supper, before the shepherd noticed his presence.The wolf put on the fleece, and went off in search of a flock of sheep. It spied a flock of sheep just as the sun was setting, and approached the flock. Just as it was about to pounce on a lamb, a shepherd came by, looking for a sheep to slaughter for supper. Thinking the disguised wolf was a sheep, the shepherd quickly grabbed and killed the wolf.An alternate version is, another wolf is sneaking around looking for a sheep for dinner, and pounces on the wolf in sheep’s clothing, killing it and eating it for supper instead of a real sheep.

The intended lesson was, “Frauds and liars are always discovered, eventually, and pay for their actions accordingly.”

The above passage was taken from here


Hey, Kimmer!

Make sure you re-read that last line of the Fable.

Now, my initial reason for blogging about “wolves in sheep’s clothing”  was to use it here, in this blog, to talk about the sock-puppets, double agents, etc… in regards to this SAGA called the “Kimkins Controversy”.  Because there seems to be a handful of pro-Kimkins supporters wandering around the anti kk blogs spewing their nonsense, it’s become important, for me, to understand why.   Some go by a “screen name” and others, just “anonymous”.  They leave “drive by” comments on the blogs in support of the diet and the con artist, herself.

One in particular comes to mind and she knows who she is. She apparently is a whole lot more dangerous than the others. 

At-least, in her own mind. 

In the middle of this fight against KK and Heidi Diaz, there are challenges and contests, undercover operations, data collection operations and reporting information efforts to the attorneys involved in the case.  There are pleas to Federal authorities, article writers and affiliates to stop supporting this dangerous woman and her website.  Evidence is collected, shared and saved for future needs.  Blogs are being implemented in an attempt to help spread the word and inform the public to the dangers of the Kimkins diet.

My question today is, who is on the up and up and who isn’t?  Could it be that there is a duck (or ducks) among us who is acting as a double agent?  Someone who is pretending to be helpful and in support of our mission, yet isn’t?  All the while, being in cahoots with Heidi Diaz and actually supporting the Kimkins starvation diet.   In my opinion, the idea of this being true, is ALMOST worse than being Heidi, herself.  Who, in their right mind, would knowingly and deceptively try to undermine the efforts of the “real ducks”?   

What, exactly would be gained by such efforts?  Would it be just to stop the uncovering of Heidi’s fraud?  It doesn’t make sense!  She has already admitted to such.  She admits on the front page of her site that she is a Con and has committed Fraud.  Would it be to simply keep the ducks from spreading the word about this unhealthy diet?  If so, why wouldn’t they (even the followers) want others to be careful with their health?  Why is it so hard to see how much pain and suffering former members have had to go through for following this diet?  Wouldn’t it be the humane thing to do to warn potential victims of the price already paid by those that have already followed the diet and have become victims themselves – in the effort to keep others from following suit?

It’s disgusting to me to realize that there are those that would be so inhumane, heartless, callous and evil.  Those, that would knowingly undermine the efforts of the people who only have the best interests of others in mind, can only be called deranged and unbalanced.  

So again – I ask – WHAT IS YOUR AGENDA?

What are you trying to gain?

To help you (the reader) understand where this post is coming from.  I leave you with this….From the comments left at 2Big4MySize’s Blog…. 

By: Dana on January 23, 2008          
at 4:15 pm

I have not been proven wrong on anything. I am doing Kimkins AS WRITTEN. Whether you choose to believe that or not. I have discussed what I eat with Kimmer several times. She has never, not one time, EVER told me to eat less of anything. Run away? LOL from what? I am just done talking to you. I am going to be promoting the plan as much and as often as I can. By the way, you admitted to being banned, yet you and your little ducks continue to go into the site. Interesting indeed! Too bad you cannot come out with more accurate information. Also, how is YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOING? 

By: Dana on January 23, 2008
at 4:33 pm

Great job on the weight loss! Now would it surprise you to know that I am pretending to be one of your little duckie friends on those threads? Try and guess which one. I don’t think you can but if you do, I will admit to it to you. 

By: 2big4mysize on January 23, 2008
at 4:41 pm

You know for somebody who was so disgusted with LCF and the FWK topic you actually joined kimkins.con and then wonder about the ducks going in and out of the kimkins.con site quietly keeping tabs on that dangerous diet I’m amazed you’d post something like that. Trying to stir up dissention in the ranks by causing ducks to distrust each other? Not only a coward would claim they value their friendship with hiedi and support her yet be too faced about it and claim to be a duck posting antikimmer and kimkins info.
Since LCFS is a free site and anybody can read any topic I’d believe you are simply a lurker wannabe

By: Dana on January 23, 2008
at 4:52 pm

LOL. You go ahead and believe whatever you choose to believe. If its good for the goose, its good for the gander, right? It’s ok if you guys do it, but not us? Right! There are more than you even know. 

By: 2big4mysize on January 23, 2008
at 7:47 pm

Dana Dana Dana
you need to keep your comments straight. you are the one who was upset ducks were still going into Kimkins, not me. LCFs is a free place to visit, read and and post to. membership is free. All are welcome.
I feel it is hypocritical for somebody to pretend to be Kimmers friend and post in that topic against her is all, which you are saying you do. There is no goose nor gander here. Ducks do not pretend to like Kimmer inside the kimpire now do they?
If you wish to continue to discuss the dangers of the kimkins diet you are more then welcome to keep posting here. I would welcome new information that Kimmer is making the kimkins diet healthier, but alas you have no new news to share about the plan. Still cals too low and healthy needed fats too low.

By exposing this here, It might start some fireworks on the FWK thread and I really don’t want people to become paranoid – but I think it’s important to bring this to the attention of others who may not have seen this exchange…. so that they can be careful who they share information with. 

It bothers me (deeply) to think that there are people who want to undermine the efforts of bringing Heidi to justice and those that don’t mind watching people suffer from following a very dangerous diet.


Those are MY thoughts….. what’s yours?


So Heidi, you say that you don’t promote laxatives……..

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….or low calories and starvation levels of eating?  Yea right! Then how come I can find post after post showing YOU,  telling your “lifetime” members to do just that? OK, maybe you’ve been on your best behavior lately……. but, come on, we all know (and can prove) that you are only trying to keep yourself out of the HOT WATER  you’re in, since the “ducks” called your bluff and turned your butt into the authorities.  Let’s face it, you’re running scared.  And, with good reason!  Your, loyal kimkinites (that’s members) keep saying that they have never seen anything on the site that suggests and promotes such things.  Well, how come I can find it?  How come there is page after page recommending these ridiculous anorexia tactics?  Any newbie who’s interested in losing a serious amount of weight could easily stumble across such dangerous advice and think that this is the way to go.  Just because you’re watching your step now, doesn’t mean it’s always been that way.  Just read below:

Member #1 says, So, it finally happened to me.  Something downstairs is not going through the tunnels correctly, so I broke down ad bought some Epsom salt. I thought, on 2-3 teaspoons, that’s not so bad.  I have been dissolving them in the water for a bit and my first swig I almost (gagging face) So, the rest of it is sort of sitting here waiting for me to drink it, and I have to because you know…you sort of can’t just not go. 

Member #2 says…I’m pretty sure there is no way I could do the epson salt… I’ve tried MOM and that is nasty also… taste is horrid!!! Hope your able to get that down and get some relief….

Member #1 says…Well, I got creative and put half a lemon in there. Well, the juice of half a lemon.  I am sure someone will come along and tell me I counteracted the stupid stuff.

Kimmer says…What’s wrong with Epsom salts?It helps if you mix it in a blender with diet soda or strong Crystal Light.  Doesn’t help much, but it does help. <Belch>To start off, how about either trying ES again, or take a double dose of a “pill” type laxative? I’m glad you’re being brave, we don’t want “stuff” hanging around… no good!Lemon is fine, BTW! 

Member #1 says…Wow, interesting ideas! I will have to try them.  You know, I did consider the pills, they are cheap…but compared to the ES, they are like buying a whole cow!  The ES is insanely cheap and I figured I have to at least try it before I decide against it. It totally and I mean totally did the ol’ trick-a-roni. (smile face)

Here’s another Kimmer post on laxatives….For KE which is lean protein and fiberless, then no.If you’re doing Benefiber, check the fiber grams per serving and how often you’re taking it. It may be enough?The usual recommendation is 30 gm a day.If you’d like something more interesting, you can switch to Kimkins … or a couple days of unlimited Kimkins veggies, not the limit.If you’re taking fiber supplements, be sure to drink enough fluids or it will work in the reverse (ewww!) And/or supplement with a mild laxative to “help”.

A KK member posts her menus…I am so happy because I have found real ketosis and have no appitite due to that and SNATT. My only real concern is I am wondering something. Fasting is one thing but I am not fasting. So I am curious how long my calories can be really low before I have to worry. I have tried to keep them around 400 and have only managed that once in 4 days. Here is my breakdown from my fitday. I am trying not be be concerned but natural instinct is to question myself.

June 17th   188 cal   10 fat   5 carb

June 16th 373 cal   12 fat   4 carb   59 protein  17protein

June 15th 443 cal   32 fat   1 carb   36 protein   

June 14th 227 cal   7 fat   1 carb   37 protein

OH PSI can fit into my 18’s again. I can button and zip the regular ones but to tight to wear out of the house. The stretch ones I have been wearing all day today. Tried on 5 different pairs of 18’s today. I was having fun. I need to take my measurements again I bet I have lost some serious inchage since 44 lbs ago…. 

And her fellow KK member (Friend) replies…Woohoo! Great job!

Kimmer follows with….Did I tell ya or did I tell ya? It would happen!Don’t panic about low calories. First up, you had gastric surgery and your doctor intended that your calories would go way down. Many, many post op patients stick around 500 calories for months, until they’re closer to goal. Second up,Last up, think of all the plans that are designed by professionals to be specically very low calories: Stillman’s, Optifast, Last Chance Diet, any water fasting program. You don’t have to fast specifically. When your calories are very low, and foods are small (quick) to eat, your body can finish the digestion process that much faster. When digestion is done, your body goes back to housecleaning and repairs.Bottom line, as long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat calories — you’re carrying them with you. A person with 200 lb to lose is lugging around 700,000 calories! If your body needs 2000 calories for the day and eats 300, the body will take 1700 calories from body fat (which is why it’s there.) As you lose weight, your body will need fewer calories which is why weight loss naturally slows as we near goal.You do want to stay busy (painting a room was sheer genius!) You do want to take your Centrum type vitamin. Most of all, you do want to let your body do what it does best — take care of itself by dropping the extra fat.If you’ve got time, read my post on the benefits of water fasting (article by Curezone) which explains about what your body does for protein during a water fast. Very interesting stuff!How do you feel?

Here’s another shocking exchange…please look at my fitday 1 Year, 9 Months ago     I am up 3 pounds since yesterday! I lost 4 pounds overnight on thursday, now on friday I am up 3 pounds. I am sure it is water, because I have a tendency to retain for medical reasons. But, I want to make sure my food is okay for losing.  I have venous insuficiency that lets the blood pool in my legs. It gives me pitting edema in my calves and ankles. I do occasionally take a ‘water pill’ for this, as well as wearing heavy knee high support hose. (Boy are those pretty! LOL)        

Again Kimmer, spews…Let’s see, off the top recall the bathroom scale shows what we ate about 3-4 days ago.  For you, that’s the 13th and 11th (and before) your calories were a bit high at 1350’ish (sausage, hamburger, regular salad dressing, chicken wings and avocado).Pork sausage, 1 oz? Fitday default, what was the actual amt?Eggs (2), were they cooked in the fat from the sausage?Cauliflower, raw 1 cup – how did you measure the florets?Tuna, 4 oz – is that the weighed amount from a 6.5 oz can?Ken’s salad dressing, 2 teaspoons – is that flat measured or guessed?These are the foods I’d skip for now. Remember, it’s a short time and then we’ll add stuff back:Mt. Olive relish (I know it’s LC, but hold off)BBQ sauceavocadofull fat dressingchicken wings (especially premade)If you forego the extras (or every other day?) it will help. Check the veggie list to the left and limit salad type choices to 2 cup and “cooked” choices (like cauliflower) to .5 cup total per day. More chicken & fish and less hamburger & sausage will help, too. You’re making a big transition and you’re making splendid progress! Why do you feel bad about taking a water pill? If you need it you need it, pitting edema’s no fun! So grab a glass of water and do it!

Kimmer, says….    xxxxx, not really. If I am already deep in to kimkins (on week 3) and losing about a pound a day on 500-700 calories, and I take 1 full day of fasting, shouldn’t I at least keep losing at the same rate, and even an ounce or two more since I didn’t have my 500-700 calories that day? and kimmers said that we lose weight WAY faster than the 3500 calories per pound theory… because of the whole ketosis/dominos thing…

Here’s another member’s comment…..Ok… now I’m just plain getting upset!!! 1 Year,  2 Months ago     Friday morning of last week.. I was down to 173.4! I fasted friday.. Saturday, I was 173.2. Ok.. I’ll take the loss of .2 pounds…yesterday back up to 173.4!! and today.. 173.2! UGH!!!! I’ve been eating to plan.. I’ve been eating my salad.. lean meats… what the HECK?!?!? so, I haven’t technically lost anything in almost 5 days!!! DOESN’T MY BODY UNDERSTAND I’M WORKING UNDER A DEADLINE HERE?!?!!?!? I know that I’m due to get my TOM… but I DID NOT FACTOR IN A TOM STALL INTO THIS!! It’s messing up my 4-7 pound per week loss!! UGH!!! KIIIIIMMMMMMMMMERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! (ok… I feel better now..  A frustrated member seeks help….

Kimmer, replies….Where’s your Fitday and what kind/how much “salad”?

Member, says…. here’s my fitday.. salad I had yesterday was a bit bigger.. just romain lettuce.. chicken a little parmesan, and I’m not sure about the salad dressing. (we had a social event, and I did my best with the menu offered. I planned ahead, and had a tiny breakfast and nothing else the rest of the day.. but, I did eat a cup more lettuce than usual.. ) Anyway.. take a look and see what you think. Also, my husband and I had beef for the first time this month.. we bought fresh lean ground sirloin.. there wasn’t a fit day option for ground sirloin.. so, I chose my best option.. I measured 1/4 pound before cooking.. and it was grilled.. any help you could give would be helpful.. Also, I don’t typically add my drinks.. I probably should.. but, as a rule.. I drink 2 12 ounce cups of black coffee in the morning.. I have a 20 ounce SoBe Lean in the morning, and afternoon….. bottle says 5 calories.. and 1 carb… and the rest of the day is crystal lite, and water..

Kimmer, analyses her fitday….The good news is I don’t see anything glaring wrong. The bad news is that doesn’t help you. You’re positive on your food weights? .25 cup frozen spinach? 1.2 oz of protein?Keep in mind your SoBeLean is 5 calories per serving so see how many servings are in that 20 oz bottle. If it’s 0 carbs, that means hidden carbs — good news is that it doesn’t matter.Eating beef for the first time can cause a temporary “scale” stall (not a real one) because beef sits around longer. Don’t worry about it and pat yourself on the back for being so careful!Still no need for laxative help, huh?

Kimmer, said….For me it was Captain Morgan & Wild Cherry Pepsi … and not just one.  A “drink” is 1.5 oz, 3 tablespoons! What alternate universe do they live in, LOL?My problem, other than 3 tablespoons when my 22 oz drinks had 4 oz (8 tablespoons) is that I couldn’t stop at 1. I still have a huge problem with “1” of anything, I always want 2 … of anything.The bottom line for the Domino Effect is that when your carbs are cut to the bone and you FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT and not eat when you’re not hungry … calories get very low and you lose like crazy!Well, everyone loses on low calorie, right? Yes, but not the beyond comprehension weight loss if it’s low carb low calorie.Force yourself on a 600 calorie diet with unbuttered rolls, plain steamed rice, fruit cups, boiled potatoes & veggies and you’ll lose (you’ll also be hungry). Now, end up at 600 calories because you’ve lost your appetite due to ketosis and you’re picking lean protein & assorted lettuce or leaf veggies … your weight loss will leave the rice/potato people saying, “Huh?”Hint: Don’t deviate. Domino Effect weight loss is so SUPERLATIVE you’ll be at goal way sooner than you thought possible — not so if you sidetrack.


Kimmer again….. Slow down? No, not for me, but then I weighed over 300 lbs.I knew several things when I started:1) KE for 3 days first would get rid of my appetite2) I wanted to reach goal fast3) My body would actually be fine with no food, so any would be a bonus4) I knew I had to keep busySo, I did KE and lost my appetite. That vague, hmmm, nothing sounds good feeling. SNATT, to those of you who know!I knew my calories would drop like a rock once my appetite was gone, but low calories alone aren’t enough. It has to be very, very low carb low calories.Then, the Domino Effect.I’m not anti-exercise for other people, LOL. It’s not a passion of mine, but many people find it a strong part of their new, healthy life_style_ … go for it!I don’t put much stock in the basal numbers which is what shows “how many” calories you’re burning but you figure even 150-300 is that much closer to goal?There’s also a residual calorie burning for a few hours after, raising _meta_bolism for a bit.And wouldn’t you feel better? Walking with friends, stretching to yoga, chatting about “the burn”?If we notice naturally thin people, most likely we find they don’t eat as much as we think they do, and they’re more active … doing stuff around the house, less time in front of the computer or TV, always “on the go” it seems?You want to design a “life_style_”, not just lose.

Smart member, asking smart questions…..Kimmer I would like to know if there is such a thing as not enough calories cuz i guess it goes against everything ive ever been taught. Even atkins tells us that if u dont eat enough ur body will go into a starvation mode and u will not lose. Is that wrong cuz there r times when i am just not hungry but im scared if i dont have at least a little something ill stop losing. PLZ PLZ explain. Thank you for everything and i really want to lose 40 lbs. by may 25th i know i can cuz i am already halfway there!!!

But, Kimmer shoots her down with this….So sorry to be late responding. My eyes don’t “see” the stickies … bad on me!First, read this blurb from the blog about “Are You Afraid To Lose Fast?”Second, consider that the very purpose of gastric bypass type surgery is to limit calories severely. Patients are expected to live on 500 calories a day for months.Third, consider countries where food is scarce and citizens very thin. Why aren’t their bodies holding onto fat? Isn’t that supposed to be what happens?  Remember holocaust victims who survived on very, very little. Both examples lost weight quickly on very low calories.Fourth, consider Optifast & Medifast. Their original plans from the 1970s were 500 calories of 4 shakes per day. The very purpose of Optifast/Medifast was very fast weight loss for morbidly obese patients. These programs now are available for home use and are gunked up with snacks, foods and “meals”.Dr. Atkins did not say to eat. Read his original 1972 book. The “new” Atkins is totally different and now allows more veggies, fruit earlier, sugar alcohols, fiber subtraction, “net” carbs, etc. IMO this was so they could sell their new food products: bars, shakes, cereal, pancake mix … the list goes on. They wanted to remove the controversy about Atkins. What they created is a 1-2 lb a week diet … if that.Yes, you’ve been cautioned against low calories. But you’ve also been cautioned not to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. Now … if that interests you  you can always do Weight Watchers — but for my money, it’s old, old, old rhetoric: 1200 calories and 1-2 lbs a week should be enshrined in an antiques museum.

Another member has questions….I have the same kind of question. I’m in my third week and have only lost an additional .5, of course my TOM was messing with me for a few days, but when do the dominoes start? And how do you know? I have not cheated at all, I’m eating between 300-500 calories per day, and I’m not seeing much change. I’m not complaining! I still lost 24.5 in 2-1/2 weeks, much better than ANY plan I’ve ever followed.  

Kimmer reassures her….Well 24 lbs in 2.5 weeks is excellent by any standards! What are you eating at 300-500 calories? Your carbs must be around 4-6 per day?The most common “domino interruption” cause is adding a food, even something ‘innocent’ like DaVinci (which I’m not convinced is innocent at all!)

THE END – FOR NOW!!! (if I need to get more, I’m sure I can)

So – I’m calling BS on Kimmer’s claim to innocence.She’s a Lying, Liar that Lies every chance she gets!For all those folks out there that said these kinds of things don’t go on at Kimkins, WRONG! They are there.  They DO go on!  Kimmer (Heidi) did post these things and she’s crazy for trying to hurt these innocent members.   And anyone, who can just look past these posts and say “oh, but the diet works, and I don’t care if Kimmer gained her weight back, or whatever…”  You need to read these exchanges AGAIN!!!!!  


IF you’d like more information on WHY fat is important, especially while low carb eating see Bama’s blog 

More important information on eating disorders can be found here and here

Which Road (or ship) Will YOU Take?

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 I spent most of yesterday fuming over the Anonymous poster’s comment left at Medusa’s blog.  I believe I got most of my anger and frustration vented and out of my system by late last night.  Thank goodness for blogs, cuz with the mood I was in, my DH could have found himself right “in the line of fire”- had I not gotten all that off my chest.  However, it became very important to me to go back and re-read the Kimkins Survivors blog (the one I asked Anonymous to read).  I guess I needed to understand and identify my very angry feelings towards Anonymous and her comments.  I guess I needed to go back to the beginning, where this all started for me. 

My justification, reasoning, whatever you want to call it,  for doing my (little) part in the fight against Kimkins, Kimmer, Heidi Diaz etc… is truly found in the pages of that blog.  The stories found there will bring tears to your eyes every time you read them.  At least it does for me.  I truly can relate to what these women are feeling and writing about in that blog.  I feel the pain of what they have gone through, as well as the pain they face as they try to heal.   Not because I’ve been through it myself (although a lot of it, I have).  But, simply because when reading those posts, you can actually feel the words come off the screen and into your heart. 

I don’t consider myself an “overly” religious person.  I have my beliefs and I try and follow them the best I can.  If I see a fork in the road or a crossroad in my life, I just try and take the high one, if I can.  But, I wouldn’t say that I am anywhere near, what you would call a fanatic.  But, when I read the stories told there, I feel a very strong sense of responsibility to do anything and everything I possibly can to keep this from happening to anyone else.  I feel a responsibility to help, in some way,  to make a wrong a right.  I believe this is what my God would want me to do.  Every new story, every new post, sits on my heart like a ten thousand pound weight.  Every time someone comes into the Fascination Thread and tells a story of  what the Kimkins diet has done to their health and self- esteem , I want to crawl right through the computer screen, wrap my arms around them, and give them a giant hug.  I want to make things right – if I can.

And, for the record, I am absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am not the only one involved in this fight, who feels this way.  I am amazed on a daily basis at the efforts and sacrifice put forth by so many involved in bringing Heidi down.  Countless hours and unbelievable effort have been put forth to help bring this woman to justice.   As compassionate as I am about this cause, there are many others who make me feel idle and insignificant at times.  Their passion is contagious and it only pushes me to want to do more to help those that are suffering. 

So when Anonymous  belittled the efforts of “the haters”, “the ducks” or “the anti-kimkins” folks, she was in a sense belittling me and my efforts.  And it HURT!  And then to add insult to injury, she mentions that there are much more important things we could be doing-  physical things, like helping out in shelters and/or pantry’s or being a Big Brother or Big Sister.  Oh really?  And did she even bother to ask if any of us were or ever have done these things?  No.  I’m not sure why she thinks that feeling the compassion we feel for those that have been harmed by this fraud would somehow indicate that we would be incapable of helping others as well.  Giving a hand up to the underdog, and feeling a need to make things right,  is not really a learned behavior, IMHO.  It’s just who you are!  You either have it in your heart – or you don’t.  It’s that simple – Really. 

We don’t get paid (monetarily) for what we do, day in and day out.  There really isn’t any recognition at all.  We, very rarely, even get a pat on the back for a job well done.  We are not doing this for the praise.  What she and others like her are not seeing is that we do this because it’s RIGHT!!  And someone needs to do it.  If not me, then who?  One of the “haters-ducks-anti kimkins” folks posted on LCF recently, that “if  you are not part of the solution, than you are part of the problem”.  No truer words were ever written.    And I, for one, would rather be a  part of the solution. 

By the way, I really am over being angry at Anonymous.  She just represents ALL THOSE that continue to throw monkey wrenches into the middle of the hard working folks efforts of DOING THE  RIGHT THING.  She’s just one of the most recent ones.

Below are some experts of some of the stories from the Kimkins Survivors site. Take a moment to go back and read the stories.  They are so important and relative to our cause.  

…….I have to share my experience on kimkins. I first joined in February and had about 60 lbs to lose. It was very strict and austere, but I managed to stick w/ it. I have heard a friend say that the “high” you get when you see the scale go down so quickly is very addictive……

I believed Kimmer when she said new information shows that laxatives are not addictive, so I started taking ex-lax, much as she said her sister did. I took it for almost 5 months, morning and night, and it worked…

.… I’m telling you, it is soooo easy to get sucked in, and soooo hard to stop the madness….

…The weight loss made it easy to ignore the dizziness, nausea, and exhaustion. I brushed off the concerns of friends and family about the amount of food I was eating and for my health. I had read many accounts of other members experiencing the same side effects that I was having and the responses explaining them away as normal, signs they were doing the diet correctly…

…I became weak, fainting, angry, shakey, dizzy. My hair fell out. I was still overweight but was sick as hell… 

…I am so angry right now. How could she knowingly mess with us like this!….

…Like many others, I kept dragging my calories down to the point where I’d eat nothing but a plain chicken breast for dinner and break down crying the next morning since my scale wouldn’t budge. My hair started to thin out, dizzyness was commonplace, but thankfully my husband convinced me to go back to high protein/high fat…. 

…While I did lose weight, I also began to experience significant hair loss, nausea, bouts of dizziness and was freezing all the time…

… I began researching the source of my coldness and discovered that such crash diets can lower thyroid function to dangerously low levels bringing about the cold feeling and hair loss….  

…I still continued to do K/E and I got sick, really sick, at one point I remember lying in bed and I could feel my heart start to quiver and then beat rapidly and strong, I was terrified. I honestly thought I was going to die, I remember thinking Oh god, please don’t let me die, my husband is gone and my little girl (5) will find me dead in my bed in the morning, dear god please don’t do that to my little girl. It was the most horrible, fearful night I have ever had… 

There are many  stories at the Kimkins Survivors site.  These are only a few, tiny pieces.  Please, take some time and visit the site and read the posts there.  They deserve to have someone “hear” their story.  And for those that think that this is a fight NOT WORTH fighting, just know that this is a DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN.  And I don’t want to be on that ship when it sinks.  I don’t want to just look the other way while others suffer and continue to get pulled under by this admitted SCAM ARTIST!

Kimkins Nightmeres tells another story worth reading.
*** I had to add just one more….***     

      (I just love the way she “puts” it)                

… I keep reading that ‘I don’t care who Kimmer is, I don’t care if she lied to get my money, I’M LOSING WEIGHT, — how cheaply do you sell your integrety? As my momma always said, birds of a feather flock together. . . if you don’t care about honesty and integrety and go along with bannings and censorship and LIES because it’s only about YOU and your weight-loss, then you’re right, say nothing about what’s going on because you and Kimmer are of the same ilk (well, except for the weight loss thing that is). Was selling yourself for 60 bucks worth it? Was losing some lbs. worth trading in your values, your dignity and your self-respect??…   

A Disaster Waiting To HappenPosted on December 19, 2007 by anonymous

Unfortunately, as is the case with many new adventures, the maiden voyage of the HMS Kimtanic was destined from the beginning to be a disaster waiting to happen. All of the necessary ingredients were easily assembled by the captain of this doomed vessel. A diet fraught with dangerous components, mixed generously with untruths and fabrications, stirred gently and plastered all over the Internet, was very tempting bait for the unsuspecting, well intentioned victims. As the ship left port, a few whispered questions were shared amongst the passengers about the true identity of their captain.  Folks on either side of the ocean expressed their concerns with each other, anxious over the safety of all those aboard the HMS Kimtanic.  But what could be done to save the innocent souls on board?Enter the DUCK Detectives.  

Hey Anonymous – you there? I’ve got more to say to you!!!

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This was posted as a comment on Medusa’s blog. 
Anonymous said…
“This is so sad, so many people who have dedicated their lives to this. There are so many more jobs out there that would help people out more, maybe a shelter or pantry. Put this energy into helping others with physical labor instead of just typing.. Makeing little comments directed at Kimmer, or the Kimkins way of old are you. Grow up and do something useful. These people will take care of themselves, the starving people on the street can’t, please help them. Be a big brother, or big sister or something.
This is really getting old.
FYI I am an adult female, 46yr, I lost 62 lbs in less than 4 months, did not take laxatives, minor hair loss, no heart palpitations, and a clean bill of health for my family Dr. I have maintained my wt loss since the first of October and no signs of anorexia, I weigh 150lbs, and am very happy at this wt. I am an adult, therefor I made this decision on my own and it was the best decision I have made in a very long time..
Thank you Kimkins.”
Since when does fighting the fight against Kimkins mean that other causes are not being fought? 

Medusa’s reponse…..

 Anonymous…I’ll tell you what’s “sad”…Kimkinites following Kimmer’s advice (when she doesn’t follow it herself) who end up starving themselves and ruining their health. That’s what’s sad.And who are you to say we don’t help others out in shelters, etc?Yeah, I agree with you…it is getting old…because of people like you who continue to support Heidi Diaz and her starvation diet plan. You and other Kimkinites can personally hold yourselves responsible for the perpetuation of this diet.And if you think you’ve gotten off scot-free healthwise by following Kimkins, give yourself a few months and then come back to me and tell me how you’re managing with your thyroid whacked, your hair falling out in clumps, chest pains, etc. I’d love to hear from you then.Now, do something useful yourself and go stick your head back in the sand. I’ve had it with you and your like who are so blind that you can’t see that the woman whose diet you’re following is an admitted liar, thief, scam artist, and fraud who never lost a pound following her own Kimkins starvation diet, who is still morbidly obese, and used fake Russian Bride “before and after” pictures to depict herself.With people like you visiting her website and buying into her weight-loss plan, she made $1.4 million through fraud and deception. If that is the kind of person you wish to be associated with, then good on ya’, honey.Now buzz off. I have work to do bringing that scammer and her diet down

And here is my response….. 

Hey Anonymous,
So, I guess if it’s worked for you and you “have seen” no adverse conditions, then it MUST be a “healthy diet”? Huh? What about ALL THOSE THAT ARE SUFFERING? What about all those that have ruined their health by following this unhealthy diet? What about those that ARE STARVING and dealing with VERY DANGEROUS eating disorders because of following the Kimkins diet plan to the tee?You have no compassion or empathy for them?You think because they are adults then it’s OK to ruin their health.I’ll tell you what’s SAD. Sad, is when a 46 year old adult can’t see past their own stupidity to “see” the big picture. You could starve yourself all by yourself, without paying $80 to a scam artist. Anyone can loose weight by NOT EATING! But to sit there and say that just because you’ve seen no adverse effects in yourself – means that it must be healthy, is just plain stupidity. You can’t possibly speak for all who’ve joined that site and followed that diet. You can’t possibly “know” what others have had to deal with when it comes to their own health. Who are you to speak for them. Who are you to preach to the anti kimkins folks about what they should or should not be doing? What are you doing to help others? What are you doing to help your fellow kimkinites from falling into the dreaded eating disordered black hole?Are you telling others on the kimkins forums to NOT use laxatives daily? Are you telling them that if they are losing handfuls of hair that they should eat more? Are you telling them if they are having heart palpitations that they should stop following the diet and see their doctor. Are you telling them that FOOD is not the ENEMY?
I’ve read the posts over there and NO WHERE do I see ANYONE preaching those things to those that are struggling.If anyone should be ashamed of themselves, it should be YOU!
For continuing the perpetuation of a FRAUD! Your “seal of approval” could actually kill someone. Have you ever thought about that?I agree with Medusa, Go Stick Your Head Back In The Sand!!! Because it’s people like you who are helping to hurt so many. Once you come out of the “protective confines” of the Kimkins forums and start defending that crazy diet, you open yourself up to all that you get.Oh, and congratulations on your weight loss. I do honestly hope that you “tweaked” the diet to be more healthy and that you do not have to come back here, down the road, and admit that you have ruined your health (like others have).

Others, like BamaGal, Jimmy Moore, Avenue Girl, OhYeahBabe -fired back too. 

Apparently, Anonymous hit a nerve with myself and others.  Speaking for myself, I saw red when I read her post.  Who does she think she is?  What makes her think that the ducks and others who are trying to shut Heidi down aren’t involved in any other worthy cause? 

Anonymous, Ive got some more questions for ya! 

Do you really think you can walk into a hornet’s nest and lay down accusations like that and then just wonder off?  As I asked you in my comment, what are you doing to help the helpless?  How are you responding to the posters on the Kimkins website who are struggling to keep it together?  Have you told the members there to eat more?  Have you told ANYONE to see a doctor?    Just because you are a 46 year old adult who lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, doesn’t make you  some sort of superior voice of wisdom.  It only makes you look stupid to have followed such a defunct diet.  I could easily compare your line of thinking to those on the pro-Ana sites.  They think their way of (not) eating is the way to go too.  You may not be showing any signs of health problems yet!  But, what are you going to do and say if you do?  Are you going to continue to trash the hard work of those that are trying to stop this self proclaimed fraud (kimmer) from doing harm to anyone else?  Or, are you going to just disappear into the darkness and never let anyone know what harm the diet has done to you?  Or are you going to join the fight?  Have you ever wondered what has happened to all the folks that used to post on the KK forums?  Do you think that, just like you, they’ve lost the weight and have moved on?  40,000 members – where are they?  Well, in my opinion, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Only a handful of ex members have come forward to report what the diet has done to them – and only a handful (of ex-kimkins members) are diligently working to stop others from experiencing such pain.  And you want to poo poo that effort?  It’s real easy to sit behind your computer screen and talk about helping folks on the street, in shelters and pantry’s, when you disagree with what someone has blogged about on their own blog.  But tell me this,  have you got your hands dirty helping the unfortunate?  I’d bet big money the answer would be NO!  Because if you had, or if you do, there is no way in hell that you could trash the hard work of these women who are only trying to help those in pain.  There is No Way you could sit there and in one breath speak of helping others, then speak of Kimkins as the saving grace to the dieting world.  Even those that are still members and still following the plan don’t have the balls to walk in to an anti-kimkins blog and blast the haters and then defend the diet.  Not in January 2008 – maybe in Sept 2007 – but NOT NOW!  After all that has been uncovered.  After the deposition where Heidi, herself admits to being a fraud.  After people have come forward with documented proof that the diet has caused health issues?  Class Action Lawsuits?  Local and National media coverage?  Russian Brides? Photshopped Pictures?  Hiding money and income?  1.4 million dollars?   Frozen assets?  Thirteen threads at LCF?   Hundreds of anti-kimkins blogs and sites?  Are you kidding me?  What planet are you on?  How could you, in your right mind, defend such an unhealthy diet?  How could you spit in the faces of those that have been harmed by Heidi Diaz and her diet?  You tell me what makes more sense… listening to you bad mouth the efforts of those that have been harmed by Heidi, just because you lost weight OR continuing the fight against kimkins?  I vote the latter!

Oh, and one more thing…..

Here is some very good reading for you, Anonymous.  Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, a low carb snack and READ!!!!

you may just learn something!  Compassion would be nice!

ABC exposes Kimkins Scam

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Abc did a great job, in a short 5 minute segment, to show the dangers of the Kimkins diet.  

See for yourself by clicking on the link below.             

  Abc Video

If you’d like to make a comment or congratulate Abc for the taking the time to get the word out

about how dangerous this diet is, you can post your comments at

 Abc Forums

National exposure is so important, in the grand scheme of things, to get Kimkins shut down.  Not everyone is aware of the dangers of this diet.  And it will take segments like this to get the word out.  Those folks who continue to read the threads at the anti kimkins sites understand the dangers and most have removed themselves from the continuation of harming themselves with this diet.  But others, who are unaware of the dangers of this diet, those that don’t read the information on the web, have not.  It’s shows like ABC, KTLA and the Fox -Mike & Juliet morning show, that will get the word out as to how dangerous this diet is.  It is segments like this that will help those that signed up and paid money to Kimmer to realize that there is a lawsuit in the works to stop her from harming others.  It is this class action lawsuit that will eventually help recoup the money spent by innocent dieters that stumbled into this dangerous diet program.  Thank you ABC!!! for helping with the fight.  Now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that 20/20-Prime Time- Dateline- and others will take notice and feature this unhealthy, nutritionally bankrupt diet and do a FULL expose about what a SCAM Kimkins is.

FTC, Attorney General, IRS and others!!!

Take notice! 

Others are taking notice – why not you?

I challenge you !!!

Do the RIGHT THING – Shut the site down!!


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Please take the time to go to this site and see if YOU qualify to help.  We have been hoping that the National media would pick this up and run with it and with your help, we can get the word out and hopefully save other innocent dieters from the EVIL, WICKED, LYING, LIAR, that LIES.  Help stop the FRAUD.

Kimkins – It’s not JUST a Fraud…. It’s DANGEROUS!!

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OK, lets set aside for a minute the fact that and Heidi Diaz is a fraud and scam.  Let’s forget for a moment that Heidi Diaz (owner and founder of is in business only to take your money and ban you from her site if you disagree with her unhealthy diet advice.  And, Hang on to your pocketbooks folks, because Kimmer is raising the anti.  The new membership price was raised recently to $79.95.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a diet site that preaches unhealthy practices at starvation levels of eating.  Even if I had an extra eighty bucks laying around, I would still find it hard to lay that kind of money down when there are hundreds, if not thousands of FREE sites all over the net offering MUCH BETTER ADVICE AND SUPPORT.   But, unfortunately and sadly, people are still signing up and paying that outrageous “membership” fee.  When you are facing the dangers of being overweight  or possibly considering weight loss surgery, $79.95 might not seem too extreme.  But, let me tell you, this thinking could get you into some deep deep trouble. 

It has been shown many times that Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer, founder of seems to have an extreme hatred for her fellow peers in the weight loss world.  She seems to enjoy watching her members suffer and struggle with their weight loss journey.  I’m not sure where this hatred comes from.  Maybe, it’s simply because she has been unable to lose weight herself and has messed herself up SO badly from extreme and rapid weight loss attempts that she feels the need to “watch” others suffer as well.  Maybe she gets a thrill from “seeing” others unable to sustain their weight loss because she, herself has been unable to do so.  Or maybe she is just an EVIL, WICKED woman who enjoys seeing people suffer, simply for the fun of it.  Who knows!  But, one thing is for sure, her diet is dangerous and could cause lasting health problems if followed as written.  Let’s take a look a the Kimkins way of eating. 

This is taken straight from the website as written…

Kimkins Diet Plans

Kimkins is purposely designed as a very simple and extremely effective weight loss plan! 

There’s no complicated rules, formulas or food combinations. 

We suggest a minimum of 800 calories per day or per your doctor’s recommendation. Listed below are the guidelines for each Kimkins Diet option.  That’s it! 

Pick the one you like, follow the easy rules exactly and enjoy fast weight loss!


The original Kimkins Diet 

As much lean protein as desired from the Kimkins Food List

0-20 total carbs per day(no fiber or sugar alcohol subtraction)

0-3 cups List 1 veggies per day  OR 0-2 cups List 1 veggies + 0-1 cup List 2 veggies per day

Use minimal fat to make your menu work (careful, calories count!) No alcohol or low carb products (sugar free candy, energy bars, ice cream, frozen meals)

Your appetite will reduce naturally after 3-5 days Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements   


 is used to reach ketosis quickly or as a jumpstart for other Kimkins Options 

As much lean protein as desired from the Kimkins Food List

Minimal low-carb condiments and spices may be used sparingly

No alcohol, no cheese, no fatty meats, no fats, no veggies

Your appetite will drop naturally after 3-5 days

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements

You may remain on K/E as long as desired   


The most popular Kimkins Option!

30 minutes of intense daily exercise required Breakfast Up to 2 eggs (cooked without fat)Up to 1/2 cup List 2 veggies

Up to 2 oz lean ham or other lean protein  (raw/cured weight)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Lunch Up to 4 oz lean protein  (raw weight)

Up to 2 cups mixed greens + Wishbone Spritzer dressing (or caloric equivalent)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Dinner Up to 4 oz lean protein  (raw weight)

Up to 2 cups mixed greens + Wishbone Spritzer dressing (or caloric equivalent)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements 


Vegetarian products have higher carbs so a calorie limit is suggested

Aim for no more than 1000 calories per day Daily Limits 0-20 total carbs from all sources, no fiber subtraction

0-3 servings of protein substitutes including tofu, eggs, egg substitutes, protein powders

0-2 servings of higher carb choices including tempeh, Gardenburger and Boca products

0-2 servings of dairy choices including yogurt, soft cheese, hard cheese

0-3 cups of List 1 veggies0-1 cups of List 2 veggies  Use minimal fat for cooking

Unlimited non-calorie beverages

A serving is per the product label

Use low calorie salad dressings and “light” butter substitutes (no trans fats)

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements

Due to higher carbs in vegetarian products, appetite reduction may not occur  


Designed for convenience, automatic portion control and error proof 

Up to 800 calories per day Up to 16 total carbs per day

Up to 80 protein grams per day 0-4 RTD (Ready-to-Drink) meal replacements shakes per day or

0-4 homemade protein shakes per day (15+ grams protein per shake)  RTD shakes should not exceed 200 calories and 4 carbs each

Protein powder should not exceed 200 calories and 4 carbs per serving

Protein powder may be mixed with any very low calorie beverage

Do not use milk for mixing protein powder

You may prefer to have 2 shake meals + 1 Kimkins food meal for variety

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements  

Kimkins Cycling Option

Perfect for members who want more variety 

Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 …Choose your favorite Kimkins Diet and be strict! 

Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 …Choose your favorite low calorie or low carb diet and be strict!  

Pick your favorite diets and alternate weekly.

You may want to pick a different Kimkins Diet for each “Kimkins” week.

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements.

 Now, let’s look at some of the “rules”….

We suggest a minimum of 800 calories per day or per your doctor’s recommendation. 

Listed below are the guidelines for each Kimkins Diet option. 

That’s it! 

Pick the one you like, follow the easy rules exactly and enjoy fast weight loss 

First of all, since when is 800 calories a day HEALTHY????  I don’t know ANY reputable doctor who would suggest that 800 calories a day is safe.  The rule of thumb is 1200 for a female and 1500 for a male.  And this is based on the common low fat – high carb “American” way of eating.  That’s a far cry from the written 800.  Furthermore, when following a Low Carb WOE it is recommended to UP both calories and FAT to counter the low amounts of carbs consumed.  Your body needs those calories and fat to function properly.  But, what is even more surprising, is that when you look closer at the recommended options the calories don’t even add up to 800.  And once on the site and in the forums, the recommendations are to keep going lower with your food intake and calorie levels to move past a stall or to increase your losses.  Now, I don’t know too many people who enjoy dieting.  And if it were me, I’d want that weight off as fast as I could get it off.  So, when the leader and founder of this magical diet tells me to cut my calories and fat… I might think OK if it worked for you, it might work for me.  Another issue here, is that going extremely low carb will most definitely put you into ketosis.  Ketosis acts as an appetite suppressant.  You are not hungry when in ketosis and it is fairly easy to not eat.   But it doesn’t make it healthy.  You need to eat to loose weight.  Your metabolism functions correctly when you eat enough food for you.  If you don’t your metabolism doesn’t work correctly and your body stores anything and everything in the form of fat.   Now, let’s look at a few menus posted on the Kimkins website.  These postings are from actual members and from Kimmer herself.  This is what they are reporting as their daily food intake.  Now, you tell me, does any of this look like 800 plus calories a day?  Nope!  Not Even Close!  Do you see an adequate amount of fat in these menus to counteract the effects of eating low carb?  Nope! Again, Not Even Close!!  So, no matter what they say on the front page of the Kimkins website, if you are following Kimmer or other members in their weight loss journey and trying to emulate their successes, you WILL be tempted to do it their way and follow their menu posts to get the same results.  Very Scary and Dangerous!!!  

Kimmer’s Menus

Breakfast: Leftover homemade blender shake (read melted ice and watered down)

Snack: None, black coffee during the deposition

Lunch: A large simple green salad with house “ranch” dressing from Coco’s during the deposition break

Snack: None, though I actually drank a small bottle of water provided by Mr. Tiedt’s office (yes, me drinking water!)

Dinner: Too tired from the day’s events to cook so I grabbed what was in the fridge: a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, leftover teriyaki chicken (sauce never added just that roasted flavor) and a lettuce roll up from my Gladware bowl

Today’s Plan:

B – Eggs soft boiled (2), peppermint tea (no sweetener)
S – I made flat Diet Sprite popsicles or Dannon 4 carb yogurt
L – Deli ham roll-ups with mustard, chives & chopped lettuce/tomato, string cheese, Diet Coke
S – ???
D – Mexican Veggie soup (brother, chopped list 1 veggies, hot sauce, leftover chicken), iced tea

B – EAS shake (not bad, but this is coming from a girl who hasn’t had choc milk in eons!)
S – None, busy day
L – McDonald’s salad (the grilled chicken one), diet soda (add a LC yogurt I just had)
S – 10 cal/slice turkey rollups (2-3, they fill me fast?)
D – Mexican chicken over mixed salad*, diet 7-Up

Other Member’s Menus

This is how I ate today:
1 EAS shake
2 hard boiled eggs
5 oz. or leftover tritip with 1 tsp. Trader Joe’s lit mayo

Here’s my menu for Day 3 of K/E:

B: scrambled egg beaters, bacon

L: grilled chicken breast

D: grilled salmon, scrambled egg beaters.

Water, Water, Diet Decaf Tea

My eating today:
B: 1 EAS shake
L: 1 hard boiled egg and 4 oz. tritip
D: 5 oz. pulled pork and a side salad with vinegar, salt and pepper

Today I ate:
b 1 egg and 2 strips turkey bacon
l 1 can water packed tuna, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 TBLS dill pickle relish
D 1 italian turkey sausage, 1/2 pepper stir fry veggies and 2 oz chicken

I will eat a snack because I’m below 600 calories and I’m working hard to eat between 700 and 800

I keep my fit day every day and I always drink 64 ounces of water and then about 32 ounces crystal light mixed with sprite zero.

B – 1 low carb no sugar yogurt and peppermint tea (1 splenda!)

S – 4 peices of turkey sausage with 8 oz of coffee (1 more splenda!)

L – HM pulled chicken with low carb/calorie BBQ sauce and diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper

D – 1 medium sized chicken drumstick (no skin), with water, and a salad with a little cucumbers, tomatos, and a pinch of cheese! 

My menu for 11/14/07:

Breakfast: 8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Lunch: 8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Mid-afternoon Snacks: 1 Tbs MCT Oil
8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Dinner: 4 oz. (raw weight) Buffalo Burger with 1 Tbs. 1-carb ketchup
Evening Snacks: 1 Part Skim String Cheese Stick
1 Hard-Boiled Egg
1 Sugar-Free Jello Snack Container
1/4 cup Part Skim Ricotta Cheese with dash Vanilla Extract and 3 drops Sweetzfree
1 4-oz container Dannon Light n’ Fit Carb Control Strawberries and Creme Yogurt

Plain Water, Water with Mixed Berry Water Sensations, and Decaf Tea with 3 drops Sweetzfree throughout the day

B 1 egg and 2 strips turkey sausage
l 2 oz tuna in a salad
d turkey sausage and shrimp
snack egg beaters

B – none
Sn – 2 cups egg beaters
L – 9.7 oz can of chicken
D – ? Lunch meat and romaine lettuce roll-ups.

B – 2 eggs fried with PAM

L – Talapia filet w/ 1 tsp of Salsa

D – same as lunch

B – 2 boiled eggs 1 turkey sausage

L – Tuna with wishbone salad spritzer

D – Talapia

120 oz water

Yesterday I had
B~Pork Loin
L~ Chicken Baked
D~Shrimp boiled
No Snacks I do make a mock iced coffee that I have everyday
LOTS of water yummmmmmmm

Today so far
B~scr eggsW/turkey
L~Grilled Chicken Breast
D~ My plan is to have some steak!

Menu today:
B: 2 eggs over medium, 4 tomato slices
L: Roasted chicken, only a little skin
D: Steak and a salad with fork dipped ranch dressing

B: ebb beaters, bacon

L: protein shake (if I can figure out how to make it)

D: leftover steak, green beans

B – 1 egg
L – 1 9.7 oz can of chicken
D – 6 – turkey ham lunchmeat with a dab of mayo wrapped in a lettuce leaf

B: 1 egg
L: 1 9.7 oz can of chicken, and tuna
D: 6 turkey ham roll ups in romaine lettuce leaf w/ mayo, and some Pork Loin

B – 2 eggs & 1 piece of canadian bacon
L- 6 oz leftover Turkey
D- 6 oz leftover Turkey

B – turkey sausage w/2 eggs
L – BLT w/turkey bacon, light mayo, 1 small slice of tomato wrapped in a lettuce leaf
D – 1.25 cups of ground turkey w/lc ketchup and mustard

D – so far, 32oz of tea and one diet coke.

B-RTD shake and Kronik
L-chicken & RTD shake
D- chicken
S-LC bar

1 large cup of Chai tea (32oz water with two chai tea bags) nothing else is in the cup, I have this for breakfast (around 8AM)
For lunch I nibble on turkey breast (from Thanksgiving, but I will keep a turkey/chicken roasted at all times so I can have the breast)
For dinner I will have low sodium chicken broth with more of the turkey/chicken breast in it. I’ve put scallions in just for flavor but jsut a few clippings.

So, I challenge you to plug these menus into Fitday and see what you get!!!

I’d bet big money that most don’t even come close to the “recommended” 800 calories a day. 

And where is the fat? The calcium? The healthy veggies?  

Some of my fellow bloggers have done the math and have investigated the risks associated with a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) And the findings are shocking and extremely dangerous. 

 See for yourself here: 

These are very interesting articles and well worth the read.

Educate Yourself!!!Don’t Fall For a Dangerous Kimkins Diet! 

If you’ve already been scammed or harmed by following this dangerous diet PLEASE consider joining our fight by contacting the attorney and joining the class action lawsuit already in progress here:”mce_href=”