Kimkins – It’s not JUST a Fraud…. It’s DANGEROUS!!

OK, lets set aside for a minute the fact that and Heidi Diaz is a fraud and scam.  Let’s forget for a moment that Heidi Diaz (owner and founder of is in business only to take your money and ban you from her site if you disagree with her unhealthy diet advice.  And, Hang on to your pocketbooks folks, because Kimmer is raising the anti.  The new membership price was raised recently to $79.95.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a diet site that preaches unhealthy practices at starvation levels of eating.  Even if I had an extra eighty bucks laying around, I would still find it hard to lay that kind of money down when there are hundreds, if not thousands of FREE sites all over the net offering MUCH BETTER ADVICE AND SUPPORT.   But, unfortunately and sadly, people are still signing up and paying that outrageous “membership” fee.  When you are facing the dangers of being overweight  or possibly considering weight loss surgery, $79.95 might not seem too extreme.  But, let me tell you, this thinking could get you into some deep deep trouble. 

It has been shown many times that Heidi Diaz, aka Kimmer, founder of seems to have an extreme hatred for her fellow peers in the weight loss world.  She seems to enjoy watching her members suffer and struggle with their weight loss journey.  I’m not sure where this hatred comes from.  Maybe, it’s simply because she has been unable to lose weight herself and has messed herself up SO badly from extreme and rapid weight loss attempts that she feels the need to “watch” others suffer as well.  Maybe she gets a thrill from “seeing” others unable to sustain their weight loss because she, herself has been unable to do so.  Or maybe she is just an EVIL, WICKED woman who enjoys seeing people suffer, simply for the fun of it.  Who knows!  But, one thing is for sure, her diet is dangerous and could cause lasting health problems if followed as written.  Let’s take a look a the Kimkins way of eating. 

This is taken straight from the website as written…

Kimkins Diet Plans

Kimkins is purposely designed as a very simple and extremely effective weight loss plan! 

There’s no complicated rules, formulas or food combinations. 

We suggest a minimum of 800 calories per day or per your doctor’s recommendation. Listed below are the guidelines for each Kimkins Diet option.  That’s it! 

Pick the one you like, follow the easy rules exactly and enjoy fast weight loss!


The original Kimkins Diet 

As much lean protein as desired from the Kimkins Food List

0-20 total carbs per day(no fiber or sugar alcohol subtraction)

0-3 cups List 1 veggies per day  OR 0-2 cups List 1 veggies + 0-1 cup List 2 veggies per day

Use minimal fat to make your menu work (careful, calories count!) No alcohol or low carb products (sugar free candy, energy bars, ice cream, frozen meals)

Your appetite will reduce naturally after 3-5 days Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements   


 is used to reach ketosis quickly or as a jumpstart for other Kimkins Options 

As much lean protein as desired from the Kimkins Food List

Minimal low-carb condiments and spices may be used sparingly

No alcohol, no cheese, no fatty meats, no fats, no veggies

Your appetite will drop naturally after 3-5 days

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements

You may remain on K/E as long as desired   


The most popular Kimkins Option!

30 minutes of intense daily exercise required Breakfast Up to 2 eggs (cooked without fat)Up to 1/2 cup List 2 veggies

Up to 2 oz lean ham or other lean protein  (raw/cured weight)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Lunch Up to 4 oz lean protein  (raw weight)

Up to 2 cups mixed greens + Wishbone Spritzer dressing (or caloric equivalent)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Dinner Up to 4 oz lean protein  (raw weight)

Up to 2 cups mixed greens + Wishbone Spritzer dressing (or caloric equivalent)

Unlimited non-calorie beverage Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements 


Vegetarian products have higher carbs so a calorie limit is suggested

Aim for no more than 1000 calories per day Daily Limits 0-20 total carbs from all sources, no fiber subtraction

0-3 servings of protein substitutes including tofu, eggs, egg substitutes, protein powders

0-2 servings of higher carb choices including tempeh, Gardenburger and Boca products

0-2 servings of dairy choices including yogurt, soft cheese, hard cheese

0-3 cups of List 1 veggies0-1 cups of List 2 veggies  Use minimal fat for cooking

Unlimited non-calorie beverages

A serving is per the product label

Use low calorie salad dressings and “light” butter substitutes (no trans fats)

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements

Due to higher carbs in vegetarian products, appetite reduction may not occur  


Designed for convenience, automatic portion control and error proof 

Up to 800 calories per day Up to 16 total carbs per day

Up to 80 protein grams per day 0-4 RTD (Ready-to-Drink) meal replacements shakes per day or

0-4 homemade protein shakes per day (15+ grams protein per shake)  RTD shakes should not exceed 200 calories and 4 carbs each

Protein powder should not exceed 200 calories and 4 carbs per serving

Protein powder may be mixed with any very low calorie beverage

Do not use milk for mixing protein powder

You may prefer to have 2 shake meals + 1 Kimkins food meal for variety

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements  

Kimkins Cycling Option

Perfect for members who want more variety 

Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 …Choose your favorite Kimkins Diet and be strict! 

Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 …Choose your favorite low calorie or low carb diet and be strict!  

Pick your favorite diets and alternate weekly.

You may want to pick a different Kimkins Diet for each “Kimkins” week.

Take a complete multivitamin each day plus other desired supplements.

 Now, let’s look at some of the “rules”….

We suggest a minimum of 800 calories per day or per your doctor’s recommendation. 

Listed below are the guidelines for each Kimkins Diet option. 

That’s it! 

Pick the one you like, follow the easy rules exactly and enjoy fast weight loss 

First of all, since when is 800 calories a day HEALTHY????  I don’t know ANY reputable doctor who would suggest that 800 calories a day is safe.  The rule of thumb is 1200 for a female and 1500 for a male.  And this is based on the common low fat – high carb “American” way of eating.  That’s a far cry from the written 800.  Furthermore, when following a Low Carb WOE it is recommended to UP both calories and FAT to counter the low amounts of carbs consumed.  Your body needs those calories and fat to function properly.  But, what is even more surprising, is that when you look closer at the recommended options the calories don’t even add up to 800.  And once on the site and in the forums, the recommendations are to keep going lower with your food intake and calorie levels to move past a stall or to increase your losses.  Now, I don’t know too many people who enjoy dieting.  And if it were me, I’d want that weight off as fast as I could get it off.  So, when the leader and founder of this magical diet tells me to cut my calories and fat… I might think OK if it worked for you, it might work for me.  Another issue here, is that going extremely low carb will most definitely put you into ketosis.  Ketosis acts as an appetite suppressant.  You are not hungry when in ketosis and it is fairly easy to not eat.   But it doesn’t make it healthy.  You need to eat to loose weight.  Your metabolism functions correctly when you eat enough food for you.  If you don’t your metabolism doesn’t work correctly and your body stores anything and everything in the form of fat.   Now, let’s look at a few menus posted on the Kimkins website.  These postings are from actual members and from Kimmer herself.  This is what they are reporting as their daily food intake.  Now, you tell me, does any of this look like 800 plus calories a day?  Nope!  Not Even Close!  Do you see an adequate amount of fat in these menus to counteract the effects of eating low carb?  Nope! Again, Not Even Close!!  So, no matter what they say on the front page of the Kimkins website, if you are following Kimmer or other members in their weight loss journey and trying to emulate their successes, you WILL be tempted to do it their way and follow their menu posts to get the same results.  Very Scary and Dangerous!!!  

Kimmer’s Menus

Breakfast: Leftover homemade blender shake (read melted ice and watered down)

Snack: None, black coffee during the deposition

Lunch: A large simple green salad with house “ranch” dressing from Coco’s during the deposition break

Snack: None, though I actually drank a small bottle of water provided by Mr. Tiedt’s office (yes, me drinking water!)

Dinner: Too tired from the day’s events to cook so I grabbed what was in the fridge: a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, leftover teriyaki chicken (sauce never added just that roasted flavor) and a lettuce roll up from my Gladware bowl

Today’s Plan:

B – Eggs soft boiled (2), peppermint tea (no sweetener)
S – I made flat Diet Sprite popsicles or Dannon 4 carb yogurt
L – Deli ham roll-ups with mustard, chives & chopped lettuce/tomato, string cheese, Diet Coke
S – ???
D – Mexican Veggie soup (brother, chopped list 1 veggies, hot sauce, leftover chicken), iced tea

B – EAS shake (not bad, but this is coming from a girl who hasn’t had choc milk in eons!)
S – None, busy day
L – McDonald’s salad (the grilled chicken one), diet soda (add a LC yogurt I just had)
S – 10 cal/slice turkey rollups (2-3, they fill me fast?)
D – Mexican chicken over mixed salad*, diet 7-Up

Other Member’s Menus

This is how I ate today:
1 EAS shake
2 hard boiled eggs
5 oz. or leftover tritip with 1 tsp. Trader Joe’s lit mayo

Here’s my menu for Day 3 of K/E:

B: scrambled egg beaters, bacon

L: grilled chicken breast

D: grilled salmon, scrambled egg beaters.

Water, Water, Diet Decaf Tea

My eating today:
B: 1 EAS shake
L: 1 hard boiled egg and 4 oz. tritip
D: 5 oz. pulled pork and a side salad with vinegar, salt and pepper

Today I ate:
b 1 egg and 2 strips turkey bacon
l 1 can water packed tuna, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 TBLS dill pickle relish
D 1 italian turkey sausage, 1/2 pepper stir fry veggies and 2 oz chicken

I will eat a snack because I’m below 600 calories and I’m working hard to eat between 700 and 800

I keep my fit day every day and I always drink 64 ounces of water and then about 32 ounces crystal light mixed with sprite zero.

B – 1 low carb no sugar yogurt and peppermint tea (1 splenda!)

S – 4 peices of turkey sausage with 8 oz of coffee (1 more splenda!)

L – HM pulled chicken with low carb/calorie BBQ sauce and diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper

D – 1 medium sized chicken drumstick (no skin), with water, and a salad with a little cucumbers, tomatos, and a pinch of cheese! 

My menu for 11/14/07:

Breakfast: 8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Lunch: 8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Mid-afternoon Snacks: 1 Tbs MCT Oil
8 oz. 100% Pasteurized Egg Whites (as a drink)
Dinner: 4 oz. (raw weight) Buffalo Burger with 1 Tbs. 1-carb ketchup
Evening Snacks: 1 Part Skim String Cheese Stick
1 Hard-Boiled Egg
1 Sugar-Free Jello Snack Container
1/4 cup Part Skim Ricotta Cheese with dash Vanilla Extract and 3 drops Sweetzfree
1 4-oz container Dannon Light n’ Fit Carb Control Strawberries and Creme Yogurt

Plain Water, Water with Mixed Berry Water Sensations, and Decaf Tea with 3 drops Sweetzfree throughout the day

B 1 egg and 2 strips turkey sausage
l 2 oz tuna in a salad
d turkey sausage and shrimp
snack egg beaters

B – none
Sn – 2 cups egg beaters
L – 9.7 oz can of chicken
D – ? Lunch meat and romaine lettuce roll-ups.

B – 2 eggs fried with PAM

L – Talapia filet w/ 1 tsp of Salsa

D – same as lunch

B – 2 boiled eggs 1 turkey sausage

L – Tuna with wishbone salad spritzer

D – Talapia

120 oz water

Yesterday I had
B~Pork Loin
L~ Chicken Baked
D~Shrimp boiled
No Snacks I do make a mock iced coffee that I have everyday
LOTS of water yummmmmmmm

Today so far
B~scr eggsW/turkey
L~Grilled Chicken Breast
D~ My plan is to have some steak!

Menu today:
B: 2 eggs over medium, 4 tomato slices
L: Roasted chicken, only a little skin
D: Steak and a salad with fork dipped ranch dressing

B: ebb beaters, bacon

L: protein shake (if I can figure out how to make it)

D: leftover steak, green beans

B – 1 egg
L – 1 9.7 oz can of chicken
D – 6 – turkey ham lunchmeat with a dab of mayo wrapped in a lettuce leaf

B: 1 egg
L: 1 9.7 oz can of chicken, and tuna
D: 6 turkey ham roll ups in romaine lettuce leaf w/ mayo, and some Pork Loin

B – 2 eggs & 1 piece of canadian bacon
L- 6 oz leftover Turkey
D- 6 oz leftover Turkey

B – turkey sausage w/2 eggs
L – BLT w/turkey bacon, light mayo, 1 small slice of tomato wrapped in a lettuce leaf
D – 1.25 cups of ground turkey w/lc ketchup and mustard

D – so far, 32oz of tea and one diet coke.

B-RTD shake and Kronik
L-chicken & RTD shake
D- chicken
S-LC bar

1 large cup of Chai tea (32oz water with two chai tea bags) nothing else is in the cup, I have this for breakfast (around 8AM)
For lunch I nibble on turkey breast (from Thanksgiving, but I will keep a turkey/chicken roasted at all times so I can have the breast)
For dinner I will have low sodium chicken broth with more of the turkey/chicken breast in it. I’ve put scallions in just for flavor but jsut a few clippings.

So, I challenge you to plug these menus into Fitday and see what you get!!!

I’d bet big money that most don’t even come close to the “recommended” 800 calories a day. 

And where is the fat? The calcium? The healthy veggies?  

Some of my fellow bloggers have done the math and have investigated the risks associated with a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) And the findings are shocking and extremely dangerous. 

 See for yourself here: 

These are very interesting articles and well worth the read.

Educate Yourself!!!Don’t Fall For a Dangerous Kimkins Diet! 

If you’ve already been scammed or harmed by following this dangerous diet PLEASE consider joining our fight by contacting the attorney and joining the class action lawsuit already in progress here:”mce_href=”




7 Responses to “Kimkins – It’s not JUST a Fraud…. It’s DANGEROUS!!”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    Thank you for getting this information about the dangerous diet being sold on by Kimmer

    Nutrtionally bankrupt was how one nutrtionist evaluated the kimkins plan.

  2. 2big4mysize Says:

    Thank you for blogging about and the very bad and dangerous diet advice Kimmer
    is passing out as scientific facts.

  3. 2big4mysize Says:

    Thank you for bloggin about the dangers of the diet plan sold on by Kimmer

  4. As an overweight lover of food, I didn’t think it was possible to 1.make food into an object of fear and loathing ever lose my appetite. Kimmer’s diet has had these effects on many. Is that a good thing? Not when you develop anorexic and bulimic tendencies – both are unhealthy attitudes with tremendously bad results. A close relative is currently at 85 pounds at 5’9 inches. We don’t know if she’ll be here by the end of the year. Ask us about the heartache caused by vlc diets. Be aware that that is what Kimmer’s diet can lead to. Is it worth dying to be thin?

  5. kimkinscam Says:


    NO! It is not worth dying to be thin!

    I’m sorry to hear about your relative and will keep them in my prayers. Kimkins is a very dangerous diet and the site should be closed down and Heidi Diaz should pay for her crimes. When I hear about, or read about, those that struggle from anorexia and bulimia it just makes me want to fight that much harder to get that site shut down for good. Thank you for your comment. I hope others will see the dangers of following this way of eating.

  6. […] to finally trying to get Heidi to shut her site down. Many say what’s so bad about Kimkins? Kimkins’ is not just a fraud, it is dangerous. The fraud, the nutritionally bankrupt diet, the lies, the eating disordered thinking, sending […]

  7. […] again, you do not have to have been a member of Kimkins to file a complaint. Remember, Kimkins is NOT just a fraud, it is dangerous. Kimkins members are showing signs of starving. So show some love for your fellow man and fellow […]

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