ABC exposes Kimkins Scam

Abc did a great job, in a short 5 minute segment, to show the dangers of the Kimkins diet.  

See for yourself by clicking on the link below.             

  Abc Video

If you’d like to make a comment or congratulate Abc for the taking the time to get the word out

about how dangerous this diet is, you can post your comments at

 Abc Forums

National exposure is so important, in the grand scheme of things, to get Kimkins shut down.  Not everyone is aware of the dangers of this diet.  And it will take segments like this to get the word out.  Those folks who continue to read the threads at the anti kimkins sites understand the dangers and most have removed themselves from the continuation of harming themselves with this diet.  But others, who are unaware of the dangers of this diet, those that don’t read the information on the web, have not.  It’s shows like ABC, KTLA and the Fox -Mike & Juliet morning show, that will get the word out as to how dangerous this diet is.  It is segments like this that will help those that signed up and paid money to Kimmer to realize that there is a lawsuit in the works to stop her from harming others.  It is this class action lawsuit that will eventually help recoup the money spent by innocent dieters that stumbled into this dangerous diet program.  Thank you ABC!!! for helping with the fight.  Now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that 20/20-Prime Time- Dateline- and others will take notice and feature this unhealthy, nutritionally bankrupt diet and do a FULL expose about what a SCAM Kimkins is.

FTC, Attorney General, IRS and others!!!

Take notice! 

Others are taking notice – why not you?

I challenge you !!!

Do the RIGHT THING – Shut the site down!!


2 Responses to “ABC exposes Kimkins Scam”

  1. Great post, MJR!

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about the deadly Kimkins diet and that fraudulent piece of work, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer.

    And thanks, too, for that wonderful response you left to “anonymous” on my blog post today. If she didn’t get the message after reading your comment, she’s a lost cause.

    I’ve added your blog to my blog roll. I don’t know how I missed it before.


    My blog: Medusa

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