Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Are you a WOLF or SHEEP?

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Fable of Aesop… 

According to the fable, a hungry wolf came upon a sheep‘s fleece lying on the on ground in a field. The wolf realized that if it wore the fleece, it would look like a sheep from a distance. That would enable the wolf to sneak up on a flock of sheep and steal a lamb for its supper, before the shepherd noticed his presence.The wolf put on the fleece, and went off in search of a flock of sheep. It spied a flock of sheep just as the sun was setting, and approached the flock. Just as it was about to pounce on a lamb, a shepherd came by, looking for a sheep to slaughter for supper. Thinking the disguised wolf was a sheep, the shepherd quickly grabbed and killed the wolf.An alternate version is, another wolf is sneaking around looking for a sheep for dinner, and pounces on the wolf in sheep’s clothing, killing it and eating it for supper instead of a real sheep.

The intended lesson was, “Frauds and liars are always discovered, eventually, and pay for their actions accordingly.”

The above passage was taken from here


Hey, Kimmer!

Make sure you re-read that last line of the Fable.

Now, my initial reason for blogging about “wolves in sheep’s clothing”  was to use it here, in this blog, to talk about the sock-puppets, double agents, etc… in regards to this SAGA called the “Kimkins Controversy”.  Because there seems to be a handful of pro-Kimkins supporters wandering around the anti kk blogs spewing their nonsense, it’s become important, for me, to understand why.   Some go by a “screen name” and others, just “anonymous”.  They leave “drive by” comments on the blogs in support of the diet and the con artist, herself.

One in particular comes to mind and she knows who she is. She apparently is a whole lot more dangerous than the others. 

At-least, in her own mind. 

In the middle of this fight against KK and Heidi Diaz, there are challenges and contests, undercover operations, data collection operations and reporting information efforts to the attorneys involved in the case.  There are pleas to Federal authorities, article writers and affiliates to stop supporting this dangerous woman and her website.  Evidence is collected, shared and saved for future needs.  Blogs are being implemented in an attempt to help spread the word and inform the public to the dangers of the Kimkins diet.

My question today is, who is on the up and up and who isn’t?  Could it be that there is a duck (or ducks) among us who is acting as a double agent?  Someone who is pretending to be helpful and in support of our mission, yet isn’t?  All the while, being in cahoots with Heidi Diaz and actually supporting the Kimkins starvation diet.   In my opinion, the idea of this being true, is ALMOST worse than being Heidi, herself.  Who, in their right mind, would knowingly and deceptively try to undermine the efforts of the “real ducks”?   

What, exactly would be gained by such efforts?  Would it be just to stop the uncovering of Heidi’s fraud?  It doesn’t make sense!  She has already admitted to such.  She admits on the front page of her site that she is a Con and has committed Fraud.  Would it be to simply keep the ducks from spreading the word about this unhealthy diet?  If so, why wouldn’t they (even the followers) want others to be careful with their health?  Why is it so hard to see how much pain and suffering former members have had to go through for following this diet?  Wouldn’t it be the humane thing to do to warn potential victims of the price already paid by those that have already followed the diet and have become victims themselves – in the effort to keep others from following suit?

It’s disgusting to me to realize that there are those that would be so inhumane, heartless, callous and evil.  Those, that would knowingly undermine the efforts of the people who only have the best interests of others in mind, can only be called deranged and unbalanced.  

So again – I ask – WHAT IS YOUR AGENDA?

What are you trying to gain?

To help you (the reader) understand where this post is coming from.  I leave you with this….From the comments left at 2Big4MySize’s Blog…. 

By: Dana on January 23, 2008          
at 4:15 pm

I have not been proven wrong on anything. I am doing Kimkins AS WRITTEN. Whether you choose to believe that or not. I have discussed what I eat with Kimmer several times. She has never, not one time, EVER told me to eat less of anything. Run away? LOL from what? I am just done talking to you. I am going to be promoting the plan as much and as often as I can. By the way, you admitted to being banned, yet you and your little ducks continue to go into the site. Interesting indeed! Too bad you cannot come out with more accurate information. Also, how is YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOING? 

By: Dana on January 23, 2008
at 4:33 pm

Great job on the weight loss! Now would it surprise you to know that I am pretending to be one of your little duckie friends on those threads? Try and guess which one. I don’t think you can but if you do, I will admit to it to you. 

By: 2big4mysize on January 23, 2008
at 4:41 pm

You know for somebody who was so disgusted with LCF and the FWK topic you actually joined kimkins.con and then wonder about the ducks going in and out of the kimkins.con site quietly keeping tabs on that dangerous diet I’m amazed you’d post something like that. Trying to stir up dissention in the ranks by causing ducks to distrust each other? Not only a coward would claim they value their friendship with hiedi and support her yet be too faced about it and claim to be a duck posting antikimmer and kimkins info.
Since LCFS is a free site and anybody can read any topic I’d believe you are simply a lurker wannabe

By: Dana on January 23, 2008
at 4:52 pm

LOL. You go ahead and believe whatever you choose to believe. If its good for the goose, its good for the gander, right? It’s ok if you guys do it, but not us? Right! There are more than you even know. 

By: 2big4mysize on January 23, 2008
at 7:47 pm

Dana Dana Dana
you need to keep your comments straight. you are the one who was upset ducks were still going into Kimkins, not me. LCFs is a free place to visit, read and and post to. membership is free. All are welcome.
I feel it is hypocritical for somebody to pretend to be Kimmers friend and post in that topic against her is all, which you are saying you do. There is no goose nor gander here. Ducks do not pretend to like Kimmer inside the kimpire now do they?
If you wish to continue to discuss the dangers of the kimkins diet you are more then welcome to keep posting here. I would welcome new information that Kimmer is making the kimkins diet healthier, but alas you have no new news to share about the plan. Still cals too low and healthy needed fats too low.

By exposing this here, It might start some fireworks on the FWK thread and I really don’t want people to become paranoid – but I think it’s important to bring this to the attention of others who may not have seen this exchange…. so that they can be careful who they share information with. 

It bothers me (deeply) to think that there are people who want to undermine the efforts of bringing Heidi to justice and those that don’t mind watching people suffer from following a very dangerous diet.


Those are MY thoughts….. what’s yours?


6 Responses to “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    MJR I felt as I posted Dana was just trying to stir up disention in the ranks. Look at the senerio, guess and i’ll tell you if you are right. I bite and say okay. Soak puppets run to my blog to accuse ducks of being wolfs as we have seen with the sockpuppets using ducks screen names to comment in favor of kimkins on the ABC blog and other new sites. Soon kimmer can relax cause no duck trusts no other duck and no duck will assist another duck cause they don’t feel they are sincere in their efforts. No, Dana is a wannabe

    If Dana is to be believed Dana has already outed herself

  2. kimkinscam Says:

    Thanks for your comment! I agree with you about Dana. She is a wannabe – that’s why I stated that she is dangerous IN HER OWN MIND. She isn’t a REAL DUCK and has NO IDEA what goes on behind the scenes. If she did, she wouldn’t be leaving comments on your blog, arguing the credibility of the kk diet. People like Dana can’t keep their identity (beliefs) hidden for very long. She showed her colors rather quickly (outing herself)- don’t you think?

    But, I have to disagree with kimmer being able to RELAX. And ducks not being able to trust other ducks. NOT HAPPENING! If anything, the ducks have come together, as of late, and have accomplished a lot in the fight against Heidi Diaz. I wish she WOULD relax – but, weather or not she should…. that’s up for debate. I’ve seen an enormous amount of ‘trust’ and cooperation amongst the ducks, behind the scenes. Those that “walk the walk” have the same goal in mind – to STOP the madness and close KK down. Heidi doesn’t stand a chance!! Quack!

  3. Kimkinscam I think you misread my comment.

    the Kimmer relaxing and the ducks not trusting was the senerio if I had said yes to Dana and then sockpuppets has started to falsely accuse ducks.
    I know ducks are working hard. To see some of it all you have to do is be late to the party on the share the love challenge and see all the 404 error pages or the correction statements from the article sites owners about not supporting kimkins and the article has been removed.

    That was why I debated even allowing Dana’s commnet, but since I felt it showed her true person I did. From her other statments she has outed herself for all to see and since she keeps commneting and saying she has talked to kimmer and is bringing me stuff from LCF old Kimmer topics one has to wonder just how much current information from Kimmer she has access too. I mean if I’m the supporter and buddy Dana claims to be talking with my “good” friend Kimmer I’d sure get a more current quote about the Kimkins.com fats position then something from 2004 on LCFs since according to every one who has seen the inside of the site the protein rule changed from LCFs version. You’d think if Kimmer had a place to set the record straight she would say Dana tell them they are wrong about that and here is the official posistion on fats in my diet.

  4. kimkinscam Says:

    I gotcha! I believe we are absolutely on the same page here. I just wanted to make sure my point was clear on Dana NOT being a Big threat to the ducks. I think we both agree on that one. And I wanted to also make it clear that kimmer shouldn’t (although I’d love it) relax. The REAL ducks are putting the heat on… and I love seeing those 404 error pages too. Just wish it would come up when I access KK.
    Keep up the good work, 2Big, I love reading your blog and appreciate how you handled Dana. At least you tried to logically converse with her. I probably would have just hurled insults. LOL

  5. honeybeesblog Says:

    Hi MJR,
    I thought the DANA posts were interesting as well.
    DANA did say, to 2BIG, if guessed who she was that she would admit to it.
    I do think she is on LCF, but not as a person we consider a duck. Just my viewpoint but if she really was a duck, she would have not wanted that known because she would have wanted to stay doing what she has been doing..IF- being the key word here. IF- it had been true she would be jeopardizing her position and that doesn’t make sense.

  6. So Dana really thinks there is no difference between her “sneaking ” onto LCF (free) and ducks examining Kimkins (paid for with hard-earned money.) Somehow she thinks of herself as an anti-duck doing the same thing as the ducks, only in reverse. If she doesn’t see the difference, she is either a hardcore KK’er admin-type, or she is a smarty pants goose. Not duck! Neither her methods nor her purposes are admirable like the ducks’ are. It’s amazing how fast the very real differences outed her. Roll on, Dana. You’re hissing into the wind.

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