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manipulitive – self centered – fraudulant scam artist

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kimmer_current1.jpgThere are many adjectives I find appropriate to describe Heidi K. Diaz.  But, the words used in the title of this post are at the top of the list.  I have never, in all my years, seen such deception and evilness from one human being.  She truly only cares about herself and her money.  Yet, many people hang on her every word!  And trust that she has their best interests at heart.  WHY????  Her members put their health in her hands – they give her money for her advice – and she continues to manipulate and play on the emotions and (lack of) strength of her members.  She Cheats and Cons anyone and everyone in her path, for the sake of a few bucks (or for the sake of control).  And if, or when, they question her – or don’t “fall in line” she Threatens and Intimidates to get them to conform.  SICKENING!!!  DISGUSTING!!! AND EVIL!!!  

My belief is, that one day she WILL face the music for her evilness.  She will pay for her crimes…. if not through the legal system – then through a “higher up” system.   She will – one day – regret the harm she has caused others.  You don’t go through life with the intent to hurt others and just walk away scot free!   It will come around and bite her in the ass, one day. 

Yes, she is feeling the heat of the “ducks” and the “negative nancies”.  It’s coming at her from all sides and in my opinon she is close to crumbling.  But, we’re not there yet.  She still has games and disceptions “up her sleve” and intends to use anything and everything she can to throw a “monkey wrench” into the mix, to stop the heat.  She is only digging her own grave!!   The attorneys are closing in on her – she IS making mistakes and the word is getting out for everyone to see  what a manipulative bitch she really is.  Her days are numbered and she knows this.  She will not go down easy!!  She will take anyone and everyone she can, with her. 

If there ever was any doubt as to what Heidi is made of – all you need to do is go read Amyb’s blog.  It is a real eye opener!  You can see exactly what kind of evil monster Heidi (Kimmer) is. 

So, for those that STILL think we’ve (the anti-kk folk) gone too far OR should “back off”…… PLEASE go read Kimmer’s emails to Amyb.  Put yourself in Amy’s shoes and see how you feel after reading it all. 

It makes me want to go take a long shower and scrub the funk off as fast as I can.  YUCK!!  She’s one nasty bitch! (and, I don’t use that word or adjective lightly)


Oh Heidi, What a tangled web we weave

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Based on reliable and accurate information,it has been uncovered that “Martina’s Martini” (recent troll at the LCF’s FWK thread) shares the same IP address as our dear friend (NOT!), Heidi K. Diaz.   So, what does this mean?  Martina and Heidi are “one in the same”?  What are the odds of  Martina being, let’s say, Brandon?  Not likely!!!

It apparently has been discovered that our troll Martina tried to intimidate one of the participants in the lawsuit with a threatening email.   Heidi has also been going to extreme measures lately,  pointing the finger at many of the principals in the case.  Tippy Toes, I hope you are on the up and up – because Heidi’s coming after you, darling.  She is desperate – desperate to keep her money and have someone else take the fall.  She is NOT above bullying those that she believes can hurt her in court.  I believe she thinks if she can make the principals in the case look devious or fraudulent themselves, then she feels she can beat this lawsuit.  She thinks that by throwing previous (or current for that matter, SL) KK admins under the bus – it will somehow help her out in the case and insure that she gets to keep her money and her website.   So, you tell me, does Martina = Heidi ?????

WOW!  – New information , just in-

We may have a few more clues…. Seems that Yucky, Medusa and Prudentiahave put a few things together and they ALL point to Heidi Diaz and her “imaginary friends” – GREAT SLEUTHING, you guys!! We all knew we could count on you guys to get to the truth. Even if it meant traveling to California. Hope you had a great trip! Obviously, you learned plenty.

Someone should have a running list of ALL the sock-puppets and fictitious characters Heidi has fabricated over the past few years. Because, I’m having a hard time keeping up!!!  Oh, Honeybee…. you working on that one?

Maybe – just maybe “the other shoe” and “fedup” were just a couple more of Heidi’s “Figments” – Just like Martina, crispybread, kimkinite101 and many more. It would seem that she is getting extremely desperate that she is trying to force ANYONE and EVERYONE she can into the spot light – to keep it OFF OF HER!!

Of course this won’t work – because all the “Negative Nancies” and “Ducks” are hot on her trail. I think the days of “getting over” on the innocent are coming to an end. Just like her site. And let’s hope, her FREEDOM.

More Cryptic Messages

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I’d like to rewind a little and revisit a few comments that had me scratching my head the other day.  At first, I thought these comments were left by our friendly (or not so friendly) troll “Martina.”  Now, I’m not so sure!  Only because I’ve had a few days to digest it all and have come to the conclusion that maybe they were left by someone other than Martina.  After-all, Martina was not shy about putting her/his name on their comments.  So why would he/she use these names to identify them-self?  Unless they just wanted to keep the ducks guessing and cause more confusion. 

In case you missed it…. here are the comments that were posted at mariasol’s blog    2/14/08  &  2/16/08  

(remember Heidi was due to go before the judge on 2/18/08 to try to get her money unfrozen)

the other shoe said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.”Two. Name that step. Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.
Then when no one  really made an effort to figure out the puzzle, this comment was left on 2/16/08
fedup said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.” = Becky mad cause she n Tippy in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Jimpire? Oh no you don’t say the Jimmy. And all the Jimmyjoes say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no Tippy toein round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, ain’t no big thang’ cause see she got someplace else to go.
Two.  Name that step.= Texas Two Step. Becky n Bonnie in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Chicken coop? Oh no you don’t say the Nancies. And all the Ducks say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no finger lickin round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, and it’s a big thang now cause see she runnin outa someplace elses to go.

Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.= exit here Becky, Becky&Bonnie, Heidi&Becky, Jeannie&Becky, Jimmy&Becky. Get on out here. We — the people — the fed up with your greed, your lies, your conniving and your coverups — we’ve had it. Get out. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

  I almost missed the last comment.  I just happened to go back to see if anyone had responded since my last visit —  and there it was.  Someone was trying desperately to “out” Becky.  Does this have anything to do with Heidi’s court date?  Afterall, she is trying really hard to get her assets “unfrozen”  – Could Heidi have left these comments?  If not, then who else has it out for Becky?  Who is trying to make Becky look as bad as Heidi?  

Now, let me make this perfectly clear, I’m no Becky fan – not after her previous delivery of a hand grenade into the midst of the ducks –  but, if these above comments are accurate,  Becky’s “greed” and “need to cuddle up” to the likes of Tippy Toes, Kimmer, Jimmy Moore and Bonnie are her own short comings (Shameful, YES).  None of us want to see ANOTHER KIMKINS SITE!!  Even if they want to call it something else.  But, this doesn’t add up to fraud (IMO).  Heidi Diaz seems to have invented the words fraud and scam artist.   Let’s look at it this way…. what if Heidi wanted to SPREAD the guilt around?   Doesn’t it make sense that if Heidi wanted to point her fat little fingers at someone to make them the scapegoat – it would make sense to point them in the direction of Becky?  It’s already common knowledge that the ducks have been suspicious of her in the past.  So wouldn’t it benefit her to try and put Becky’s head on the chopping block so to speak?  If she could.

 Just because Becky seems to be on the side of the ducks (by way of the lawsuit) doesn’t necessarily make her one of us.  That’s true!  Maybe she’s the “Judas” among us?  And it does leave a nasty taste in my mouth to even think that way. YUCK!    BUT! and it’s a very BIG BUT, this in NO WAY negates the damage and criminal tactics of Heidi Kimberly Diaz.  Becky may be guilty of her own crimes… (maybe not!)  but until she starts (or we can prove that she already has been) taking innocent victim’s money at the expense of their health, I’m going to look beyond her and keep watching Heidi.    I agree there is plenty to learn about Becky!!  And, when and if, it’s found out that she is somehow still involved with Heidi…. and acting as a double agent (wolf in sheep’s clothing)….. that’s when Becky will need to be addressed.  And believe me when I say, I’ll be looking for it.  But, for now, my radar is still on Heidi and her future (or unknown) scams.  To me, she is a MUCH BIGGER THREAT!!!

If the “shoe” comment and the “fedup” comment weren’t written by Heidi, then who? “Martina”?????   If you’re out there and want to give us more information – please leave a comment here.  I’d love to know more about the information you’ve given us above.  Help us put the dots together… so we can have a clearer picture of what you are trying to say. 


OMG – Does someone have to die before KK is shut down?

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Two VERY alarming pieces of information has come to light in the past couple of days, that really has the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.  Both incidents involve the health and well being of kimkin’s members or their loved ones.  With all the information plastered across the web, it is unbelievable to me that this could even happen.  We have been SCREAMING at the top of our lungs that the kimkins diet is dangerous and could cause extreme health problems.  Yet, there are still those that WILL NOT listen to reason and continue to follow this extremely dangerous way of eating. 

Yesterday one of the posters on the FWK thread quoted a member from the kimkins forum who was asking others there for help with her ill husband.  Not asking for a medical professional – but, asking the other kool-aid infected members for advice.  Here is the post that was on the FWK thread.

Katinsac copied this post directly from the boards at KK to show the others what was going on at the paid membership only site.  Another member at LCF took that post and blogged about the incident at her site: GrilledCheesewithPickles

It’s frightening to think that this woman would consciously decide to ask for help for her husband by posting on a message board.  HE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Not advice from a known criminal and scam artist.  Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR HUSBAND IS IN A DIABETIC COMA!!!! She cares about SCAMMING PEOPLE.  Yes, maybe someone on that site (a member) might have some medical experience or background.  But, come on, do you really want to risk your husband’s life by listening to someone who would follow this unhealthy plan?  Someone who BELIEVES IN KIMKINS???? That would be the last place I’d go for sound medical advice.  The brainwashing that goes on at that site is just UNBELIEVABLE to me. 

And today, there is another tragic story.  On the front page of the Kimkin’s website there is  a member who is participating in the “watch us lose” ad campaign.  This is where Kimmer, admins and members can show their weight loss success story by posting before and current pictures of themselves as they lose. 

Honeybee posted a comment on the FWK thread after doing some research on this above mentioned member.  Here is her post.

Why doesn’t this woman see the connection between her diet and her heart condition?  How can she come back, after going through her ordeal, to start this nutritionally bankrupt diet all over again?  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHE THINKING???  Doesn’t she realize that her heart condition is most likely related to this unhealthy diet?   Why isn’t her family, friends or loved ones  demanding that she NOT go back to this way of eating?  Especially after what she has been through.

I am desperately afraid for the folks still following this ridiculous diet.  My heart breaks more and more each time I read stories like this coming from inside that dreadful place.  PLEASE – I’M BEGGING YOU!  IF YOU ARE STILL FOLLOWING THIS DIET OR THINKING OF FOLLOWING IT, PLEASE THINK TWICE. Think about how crazy this plan is.  Read the <Kimkins Survivor Stories.  DO THE RESEARCH and find out for yourself all you can about this site and it’s founder.   If you won’t or can’t do this for yourselves – do it for your loved ones.  They don’t deserve to watch you kill yourself!  YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!!  Numbers on the scale are not worth risking your health.  And you may not even know, until MUCH LATER, the price you have paid for following that plan.  

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…..

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When will you ever learn?

We don’t want to see “Fake” pictures of you!  Or pictures of when you were 18!  Furthermore, we’d rather not look at your “Photoshopped” ones either! (even though they are fun to pick apart!)

How about, (here’s a thought)…… REAL ONES!!!!  not Tweaked!! not Russians!!  You’re 50 years old, so teenagers don’t count either!! 

Just how long did it take you to dig this one up?   Was this one taken back when you weren’t SHY?  Because, that’s a mighty low cut nighty you have on.

If this IS you (which I highly doubt) how old were you?  20?  Come on Heidi, I know the kool-aid you serve at the Kimpire is some pretty strong stuff, but really!

Do you really expect your members to look at this picture and say.,… “See, she did loose weight on her diet”.    “She wasn’t 300++++ pounds the whole time”  “All that stress made her gain it all back and then some”


Not buying it, babe!  Not for a split, second! 

You may be able to pull the wool over  your “followers” eyes- but NOT AROUND HERE!!  NOT ANY MORE!!!  But, GOOD TRY!  Ill give you that.

Now, run a long…. and have another sugar cookie!


No Apology for the Trolls!

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Some people have cried “Fowl” for the treatment or handeling of the “trolls” that seem to appear at the strangest times on the Fascination Thread.  Timing is everything…. and I won’t for a minute believe that the latest spotting of the most recent troll had anything other than distraction on their agenda.  The discussion had once again moved in the direction of the relationship between Kimmer and the Magic chicken Diet and BAM, in comes Martina – stage left!   Just like they were given a cue!  Two important pieces of information had been brought out into the open just before “her” entry.  One – The name of a web designer and his resume (the link was posted) and it was insinuated that this person could have helped both Heidi and Bonnie with their respective sites.  He is located in California.  And Two – Barbara B. posted a screen shot of Bonnie Luper’s previous residences.  One of which was Riverside, Ca.   Same town Heidi lives in.  Now, what an opportune time for a troll to enter onto the scene.   This was certainly NOT someone looking for answers or asking for help.  This troll HAD the answers and was telling the ducks to give up on their search for more evidence.  The ducks were told to let the courts handle Heidi and to get on with their lives.  

Now, the ducks are being accused of “friendly fire” or “Fratricide” on the troll.  Friendly Fire, Fratricide?  So let’s define these terms:

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Friendly fire or non-hostile fire, a term originally adopted by the United States military, is fire from allied or friendly forces, as opposed to fire coming from enemy forces or enemy fire. A friendly fire incident (fratricide), is when allied soldiers or their artillery, base camp, vehicles, etc. are attacked and damaged by friendly fire[1] which may be deliberate or accidental (e.g. missing the enemy and hitting “friendlies”). Friendly fire is one kind of collateral damage. The term friendly fire is frequently used as a euphemism in military culture and frequently seen as an oxymoron. The term is also used in many video games for a setting which determines if players in the same team can damage and kill each other.

 Fratricide versus Friendly Fire

Some prefer the term fratricide over friendly fire, because they deem the latter to be an unfitting euphemism exemplified by the aphorism “there’s nothing friendly about getting shot by your own side.”[1] However, the origin and purpose of the term is as a simple distinction to enemy fire.[citation needed] Both terms serve only to identify the source of an attack as coming from enemy (hostile) or friendly forces and not the nature of an attack.

The term amicicide(killing of a friend) has also been used in the same manner as fratricide (Shrader 1982).


No – I’m not seeing that!  In fact, what I saw was a lot of restraint and patience with the latest troll on the Fascination with Kimmer thread.  She came into the thread with guns drawn and ready to do battle.  Now maybe that was because she expected to be stoned, I don’t know.  But, it was apparent that she wanted the ducks to know that she disapproved of their tactics and actions regarding the investigation of Kimkins scam.  Just like many before her, she accused the ducks of having no life and of hindering the case by continuing the investigation of Heidi Diaz.  It has been stated many times that the ducks should back off and stop “turning over every stone” to find more of the truth.  I for one, have grown tired of the insults and innuendo.  I resent the fact that some think our tactics and motives are questionable.  Are these naysayers out there doing anything different?  Anything at all?  Are they working to find a way to keep anyone else from falling victim to the Kimkins scam?   My guess is that NO they aren’t.  But they probably appreciate the fact that kimmer is facing the music for hurting so many people.  But, what they fail to realize is that without the ducks, it would not have happened.  And without the ducks, she would still be drawing in thousands of members and fattening up her bank account at the expense of so many people’s health. 

Today, on Prudentia’s blogit was written that we (the ducks) may have stepped over the line and committed “friendly fire” where Martina was concerned.  OK, if so – how?  What exactly is our crime this time?  Is it that we defended ourselves from the sarcastic remarks brought on by Martina?  Or were we expected to just sit back and let the insults fly?  Her insults and sarcasm were THICK!  Were we somehow supposed to  know that this particular troll had some kind of evidence or information that might have been helpful in the case.  How was anyone to know what her intentions were?  Her cryptic double talk was annoying at the very least.  She was slinging insults at every turn.  Many before her have come only to start trouble and cause distraction.  Yet, somehow the ducks were supposed to be able to look beyond all that and just know that she had something of relevance to add to the cause.   Many said nothing in response to her insults!  Most of the participants on the FWK thread ignored her!  Most agree that “feeding the trolls” causes more trouble than it’s worth.  And that was the trend.  But, those that did respond to Martina, did so in fairness and with honesty.  A little Snarkiness, maybe.  But, not with anger or hatred.  And I certainly would not call it “KILLING A FRIEND”.

So I have to respectfully disagree with Prudentia’s post on “Friendly Fire” –  Yes, this is a war – it’s a war against Heidi! 

woo hoo! Finally! …and what a happy valentine’s day it is!

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To you, Heidi  -WITH LOVE!! 
A statement from
Woman’s World
Please accept our apology
We at Woman’s Worldpride ourselves on finding inspiring diet successes to share with our readers every week. That’s why we were so distressed to learn that Kim Drake, the founder of, gave us inaccurate information about herself and her weight loss. Though the article appeared several months ago, in our June 12, 2007 issue, and nutritionists assure us the diet information we provided was accurate, we deeply regret having shared with you a story we can’t stand behind. Your trust means everything to us, and we want to bring you the very best magazine we can, each and every week 

I wonder how Heidi will take the news. 
Bad publicity is better than No publicity? 
I think Not!
So many folks found KK from this publication
– too bad this came SO late!
Now I’m just wondering why they didn’t use Heidi’s real name
 in their apology (instead of Kim Drake)