When are they going to quit Starving themselves?

Here is the latest “Kimmer advice” given to a loyal member.  (The words in “yellow” are mine.)  

Um, Isn’t this what 2Big4mysize was trying, so desperately, to tell Dana?   Oh Dana! Are you reading this?  

What am I doing wrong???? HELP!!!!     Ok… for starters i’m an habitual diet restarter… but for the past two weeks or so i’ve been losing weight but not nearly as much as I usually have lost in the past. These past two weeks I’ve only lost a total of 11 or 12 pd, this is not good to me as I have lost as much as 12-16 pds in one week! Now what am I doing wrong?? Usually this is what I eat on a daily basis:

4 oz of protein shake
1 chicken wing for lunch
Egg salad for snack
Unsweet tea w/equal…

and that’s pretty much it… i know it doesn’t seem like much but i really dont’ be hungry and i have to force myself to eat… Now do i need to increase my proteins?? Now I also have been working out like crazy too… i work out w/ a trainer twice a week and try to visit the gym 3-4 times a week… please someone help me!!! I don’t want to get discouraged and fall back off the bandwagon… this is the smallest i’ve ever been since junior high… but i’m getting discouraged.. i don’t know if its my salt intake either…  (it isn’t your salt or protein – YOU NEED TO EAT!!!)Oh and i also take at least 3-5 Tums daily for heartburn…   

Kimmer’s response…I think you’ve received good advice above and congrats on your weight loss! However, you’re saying you’re losing 12 pounds in 2 weeks isn’t fast enough? I think it’s above average actually, especially at your current weight.   (in others words… Dear member, you’re doing GREAT by starving yourself)

Weight loss depends on several factors including age, personal _meta_bolism, body type and how strictly you’re adhering to the diet you choose. What can happen is a “cheat” followed by extremism or fasting. This seesaw of high carbs/low carbs means it can take days to see the results.  
(If you quit STARVING yourself – you’re cheating)

You might find it more satisfying to choose lean proteins from the Kimkins list and skip high fat chicken wings: 
(That ONE CHICKEN WING is causing ALL your problems)

tuna pouch, water packed 2 oz
calories 90
protein 19
fat 1

chicken breast, roasted 2 oz
calories 92
protein 17
fat 2

salad greens, 2 cups
calories 18
protein 2
fat 0

chicken wing, roasted 1 large
calories 130
protein 12
fat 9

mixed greens topped with tuna
calories 108
protein 21
fat 1

You’ll see picking a lean protein like tuna or chicken breast gives you nearly twice as much protein with fewer calories. The key is nutrition density. Pick foods that give you the most nutritional bank for your calorie buck. (Your calories are too high.  Huh?) I think taking 5-6 Tums a day is a bit excessive. You should check with your doctor to see if there’s an underlying reason for your tummy problems, especially since you look young (as opposed to ancient me!). I’d also suggest talking to him about supplements since you’re not eating much.
(a CYA statement)

What’s important is to be consistent with your choices and avoid the seesaw   (What seesaw?)  Even though Kimmer is careful to recommend that her member consult her doctor, she still suggests that the 1 chicken wing might be to blame for her “slow” loss.  She says the member can “reduce” her calories by picking “lean” proteins – (Reduce what?  She isn’t eating ANYTHING!!!)  She’s STARVING!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!   By the way…. This is NOT an OLD post – This is recent (like today!)   Kimmer hasn’t seen the light.  She hasn’t changed her views on starvation.  She’s only trying to keep her comments from getting her deeper into trouble.  But, it’s not working – any duck can see right through it!


9 Responses to “When are they going to quit Starving themselves?”

  1. ohyeahbabe Says:

    GASP! Thanks for sharing this. Prison will be too good for this woman.

  2. ohyeahbabe Says:

    MJR, what did the other members say?

    I’m surprised Kimmer didn’t ask about that egg salad. How much? How measured? What was in it?

  3. MJR, thanks so much for your excellent post.

    Although some current Kimkins members deny Kimmer is recommending they keep their calories and fat low, here it is in black and white.

    This just enrages me. And the thing that puts me over the top is that while Kimmer is dispensing this horrific advice to her members, she’s “pinky swearing” and all that other crap while she herself continues to eat anything but low cal/low fat foods. She is truly evil…a master sadist.

    My blog: Medusa

  4. […] wanted to add this recent post from another blog When are they going to quit Starving themselves? « MJR’s-Duck Squad showing Kimmer basically saying exactly what i just posted about folk not understanding about the […]

  5. Just an observer Says:

    What you didn’t post was all the other responses she received that Kimmer said were good advice. She was told to eat more. That a chicken wing did not a meal make. SL (who I can’t stand) even came and said she was eating too little and told her to eat more. She is in no way being encouraged to starve herself. the first thing everyone said was that she was eating too little. If you are going to post about it, post it all. Not just the parts you want people to see. 🙂

  6. kimkinscam Says:

    Just an observer,
    Yes, you would be correct. Others did tell her to eat more (among many other things) BUT KIMMER DIDN’T!!!! Kimmer said she shouldn’t eat the chicken wing – but instead, LEAN protein to CUT CALORIES! My problem IS NOT with the MEMBERS on that site – IT’S WITH KIMMER (The Con Artist, The Fraudulent, Lying, Liar that Lies) And if I paid $80 for a diet website membership with the desire to receive help and guidance from it’s owner…. I’m going to be more interested in what SHE has to say- than what others have to offer.

    And as far as your comment that “she is in no way being encouraged to starve herself” – Well, I guess that’s up for debate. I believe, even though, Kimmer said this member had received good advice, previously, she still went on and on about cutting calories and making leaner choices – To me, THAT’S RECKLESS!!!!

    If Kimmer thought the member was eating too little (not enough calories & fat) then she should have said so! Not that she needed to make leaner choices and cut her calories lower.

    Just an observer – There are some members on that site who know how to eat right and are trying to get the word out to those that don’t. Kimmer just happens to NOT be one of them. And as far as SL goes… she’s just worried she might find herself in “orange” and “behind bars” too!
    It’s called CYA!

    But, Thanks for your comment!

  7. Barbara B Says:

    OMG! This woman is starving herself and the Kimmer picks on ONE CHICKEN WING! Heidi probably eats a whole bucket of fried chicken herself. Sugar cookies for dessert. She is not only the lying liar who lies. she is a sadistic, cruel, devil of a woman who should only be wearing orange.

  8. Magicsmom Says:

    OMG, that menu looks scarily familiar to me! Here’s basically what I ate for a month:

    Breakfast: coffee with 1 measly tablespoon of half and half
    Lunch: 1/4 cup of chicken salad
    Dinner: Hot and sour chicken soup (1 cup chicken broth, 3 ounces chicken breast, 1/3 of an egg, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar)

    Isn’t it odd that when on Kimkins, you count even the soy sauce and apple cider vinegar in your portion of soup? Well, that’s the mindset when you do Kimkins, that everything counts, and you log it on your Fitday. I never ran to Kimmer to ask her advice, for fear she’d take away my tablespoon of half and half. It was pathetic!

  9. truely amazing that the lone supporter would demand you post the member answers and not be upset Kimmer told her to cut the fats out when the person was already EFAs and fat deficient for the day.


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