KK Diet & MCD (things that make you go hmmmm)


The latest news on LCF’s -FWK- threadshows that Bonnie Luper (Magic Chicken Diet founder) was once a resident of RIVERSIDE CA !!!!

Oh, really! 

Just how BIG is Riverside CA?   And what are the odds of both Heidi Diaz and Bonnie Luper living in the same town and never having crossed paths? 

Well, I’d wager -big money- that the odds of them NOT having some kind of connection is extremely low!!  In fact, I’d bet they are “tied at the hip” somehow!!  Kimkins and MCD are too much alike!!  Both- very low calorie diets with private “paid only” access to their sites.  Both claiming they have found the answer and a way to loose 160-200 pounds, in less than a year, by eating chicken and sugar free jello.  Now, I ask you, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Of course, there’s more to this story!  Of course, the Kimkins Diet and the Magic Chicken Diet are somehow related!  And someone (probably a duck) is getting really close to the truth.   Why else would the MCD “group” be waging WAR against the bloggers who are dedicated to bringing Heidi to justice?   Why else would David Luper (or whoever) start a site dedicated to sarcasm and cruel insults towards overweight people (and his own wife)?  The author of that site seems REALLY ANGRY at the ducks.  WHY?  Because many people were concerned that their original site might be a spin off or cousin to Kimkins?  What’s So Bad About Asking?  If you have NOTHING to hide, why become SO HOSTILE?  Why go to ALL that trouble to get that anger off your chest, by blogging that ridiculous garbage on the MCD dot net site?  There MUST be a whole bunch at stake to have gotten David, Bonnie or whoever so “hot and bothered” by the ducks (particularly Yust Yucky)that they felt compelled to go on such a rampage.  Looks like “someone” hit a very sensitive nerve!!!

Well, guess what?  I think you’ve (Magic Chicken People) got LOTS to hide!!!

I think it won’t be too long before you find your names on John Tiedt’s desk.  Right smack in the middle of the lawsuit.  Hope that new insurance job pays well.  Cuz, lawyers ain’t cheap!!  Just ask Heidi!  Well, maybe Heidi will share her lawyer with ya.  He seems like the kind that would take on “ANYONE” as a client.

Gotta go now, there’s another “drive by troll” spewing nonsense on the thread – and it’s Monday afternoon!  What happened to Friday night?  3 days behind schedule, Bonnie-Kimmer?


One Of The “Battery Drainers” (A.K.A. Ducks)


7 Responses to “KK Diet & MCD (things that make you go hmmmm)”

  1. Interesting! Well, it’s a small enough place that gals from LCF have spotted Heidi in the supermarket/drugstore completely by accident…

    That whole chicken lady thing is weird to say the least. Like putting out an ad that says ‘make me a diet website just like Kimkins’, but then claiming not to have been familiar with Kimkins at all.

  2. kimkinscam Says:

    I am convinced there is more to this connection than meets the eye. It’s weird to me that after several weeks of “nothing” on the MCD – then BAM the dot net site appears with all it’s craziness then the Riverside connection – And what’s with the drive by troll? Timing says a lot. I was suspicious when the MCD first came to light. And by Becky’s defense of it. But, I figured that if there wasn’t anything there…. it would just go away and we’d move on- But, NO! Just like Kimmer, it keeps raring it’s UGLY HEAD! lol
    Nope! There is more to this connection than we know, yet. But, I’m certain that the ducks will figure it out and lay it all out on the table for everyone to see.

    Thanks for reading my blog and for all the comments. It makes me want to write more when I know people are reading! Take Care!

  3. I agree there is more and the Duck Patrol will find it!! Good blog!!

  4. The connection between Heidi and Bonnie hasn’t yet been proven. But , boyoboy, are the coincidences ever getting stronger and weirder. Maybe Heidi metamorphosizes into Hulon when her whistle gets wetted by fire water; and the restraints get unshackled. I don’t really think so, since Heidi’s sarcastic tongue and spelling ability can run circles around Hulon. I’m not sure if her ego would permit her “dumbing” herself down and her not getting credit for her brilliance. But if I’m wrong, I’m sure an enterprising duck will quack down elusive trails.

  5. Did you ever see this page?


    I’ve been following the whole Kimkins controversy on and off for the last months, so I don’t know if this page was found already! Funny that he admits he wants the MCD to be a clone of Kimkins!

  6. Yust Yucky Says:

    Sophie, great find, and brava on your sleuthing skills and dedication! That getafreelancer ad was actually what started this whole investigation into the MCD — it was originally discovered by the Mariasol blogger on/about the 10th of December. But you are to be commended for having the true Nancy Drew spirit of digging and comparing notes with others who are digging!

    Kimkinscam, about the dot net weirdness — these people seem to have no idea that the previous weirdness is still preserved via the Google cache as well as the myriad of screenshots saved by the consumer activists such as yourself and others.

  7. Yust Yucky Says:

    Kimkinscam says ” Timing says a lot. I was suspicious when the MCD first came to light. And by Becky’s defense of it”

    What we found most suspcious is that Becky knew all about the diet days BEFORE that diet was published.

    And Becky seems to have disappeared into silence since that was pointed out. Is she still posting at Jimmy’s? If not, does anybody know what she’s up to lately?

    And what about the FOBs … the Friends of Becky… what are they up to lately?

    Just wondering.

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