woo hoo! Finally! …and what a happy valentine’s day it is!

To you, Heidi  -WITH LOVE!! 
A statement from
Woman’s World
Please accept our apology
We at Woman’s Worldpride ourselves on finding inspiring diet successes to share with our readers every week. That’s why we were so distressed to learn that Kim Drake, the founder of Kimkins.com, gave us inaccurate information about herself and her weight loss. Though the article appeared several months ago, in our June 12, 2007 issue, and nutritionists assure us the diet information we provided was accurate, we deeply regret having shared with you a story we can’t stand behind. Your trust means everything to us, and we want to bring you the very best magazine we can, each and every week 

I wonder how Heidi will take the news. 
Bad publicity is better than No publicity? 
I think Not!
So many folks found KK from this publication
– too bad this came SO late!
Now I’m just wondering why they didn’t use Heidi’s real name
 in their apology (instead of Kim Drake)

4 Responses to “woo hoo! Finally! …and what a happy valentine’s day it is!”

  1. Too little too late, but still, Heidi, accept this Valentine’s day gift, which we give with heartfelt emotion. 😉

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  3. It’s a weird apology. They are sorry Kim Drake lied. They don’t assume any responsibility for their endorsement of the plan, for the people who lost money because of that endorsement, for the people whose health was damaged by the plan because of that endorsement, and for their chronic support of crash diets in general. “Your trust means everything to us.” OhYeahRIGHT! Smells like a butt-covering act to me.
    My blog: Kimorexia

  4. kimkinscam Says:

    My guess is that they (Woman’s World) were contacted by John Tiedt’s office and warned about their possible role in the upcoming class action lawsuit. Hence, the CYA statement.

    You’re right – It is a weird apology (if you can even call it that) but at least they have finally (somewhat) addressed their role in the whole mess. I bet they will only admit to what they think they have to, to get out of the mess they’ve found themselves in.

    Furthermore, I assume that they are only doing this out of fear of litigation, not for the good of their readers. And that, my friend, says a lot about their character!

    Thanks for the comment OYB, I believe we’re on the same page (as usual)

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