No Apology for the Trolls!

Some people have cried “Fowl” for the treatment or handeling of the “trolls” that seem to appear at the strangest times on the Fascination Thread.  Timing is everything…. and I won’t for a minute believe that the latest spotting of the most recent troll had anything other than distraction on their agenda.  The discussion had once again moved in the direction of the relationship between Kimmer and the Magic chicken Diet and BAM, in comes Martina – stage left!   Just like they were given a cue!  Two important pieces of information had been brought out into the open just before “her” entry.  One – The name of a web designer and his resume (the link was posted) and it was insinuated that this person could have helped both Heidi and Bonnie with their respective sites.  He is located in California.  And Two – Barbara B. posted a screen shot of Bonnie Luper’s previous residences.  One of which was Riverside, Ca.   Same town Heidi lives in.  Now, what an opportune time for a troll to enter onto the scene.   This was certainly NOT someone looking for answers or asking for help.  This troll HAD the answers and was telling the ducks to give up on their search for more evidence.  The ducks were told to let the courts handle Heidi and to get on with their lives.  

Now, the ducks are being accused of “friendly fire” or “Fratricide” on the troll.  Friendly Fire, Fratricide?  So let’s define these terms:

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Friendly fire or non-hostile fire, a term originally adopted by the United States military, is fire from allied or friendly forces, as opposed to fire coming from enemy forces or enemy fire. A friendly fire incident (fratricide), is when allied soldiers or their artillery, base camp, vehicles, etc. are attacked and damaged by friendly fire[1] which may be deliberate or accidental (e.g. missing the enemy and hitting “friendlies”). Friendly fire is one kind of collateral damage. The term friendly fire is frequently used as a euphemism in military culture and frequently seen as an oxymoron. The term is also used in many video games for a setting which determines if players in the same team can damage and kill each other.

 Fratricide versus Friendly Fire

Some prefer the term fratricide over friendly fire, because they deem the latter to be an unfitting euphemism exemplified by the aphorism “there’s nothing friendly about getting shot by your own side.”[1] However, the origin and purpose of the term is as a simple distinction to enemy fire.[citation needed] Both terms serve only to identify the source of an attack as coming from enemy (hostile) or friendly forces and not the nature of an attack.

The term amicicide(killing of a friend) has also been used in the same manner as fratricide (Shrader 1982).


No – I’m not seeing that!  In fact, what I saw was a lot of restraint and patience with the latest troll on the Fascination with Kimmer thread.  She came into the thread with guns drawn and ready to do battle.  Now maybe that was because she expected to be stoned, I don’t know.  But, it was apparent that she wanted the ducks to know that she disapproved of their tactics and actions regarding the investigation of Kimkins scam.  Just like many before her, she accused the ducks of having no life and of hindering the case by continuing the investigation of Heidi Diaz.  It has been stated many times that the ducks should back off and stop “turning over every stone” to find more of the truth.  I for one, have grown tired of the insults and innuendo.  I resent the fact that some think our tactics and motives are questionable.  Are these naysayers out there doing anything different?  Anything at all?  Are they working to find a way to keep anyone else from falling victim to the Kimkins scam?   My guess is that NO they aren’t.  But they probably appreciate the fact that kimmer is facing the music for hurting so many people.  But, what they fail to realize is that without the ducks, it would not have happened.  And without the ducks, she would still be drawing in thousands of members and fattening up her bank account at the expense of so many people’s health. 

Today, on Prudentia’s blogit was written that we (the ducks) may have stepped over the line and committed “friendly fire” where Martina was concerned.  OK, if so – how?  What exactly is our crime this time?  Is it that we defended ourselves from the sarcastic remarks brought on by Martina?  Or were we expected to just sit back and let the insults fly?  Her insults and sarcasm were THICK!  Were we somehow supposed to  know that this particular troll had some kind of evidence or information that might have been helpful in the case.  How was anyone to know what her intentions were?  Her cryptic double talk was annoying at the very least.  She was slinging insults at every turn.  Many before her have come only to start trouble and cause distraction.  Yet, somehow the ducks were supposed to be able to look beyond all that and just know that she had something of relevance to add to the cause.   Many said nothing in response to her insults!  Most of the participants on the FWK thread ignored her!  Most agree that “feeding the trolls” causes more trouble than it’s worth.  And that was the trend.  But, those that did respond to Martina, did so in fairness and with honesty.  A little Snarkiness, maybe.  But, not with anger or hatred.  And I certainly would not call it “KILLING A FRIEND”.

So I have to respectfully disagree with Prudentia’s post on “Friendly Fire” –  Yes, this is a war – it’s a war against Heidi! 


3 Responses to “No Apology for the Trolls!”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I missed it before i wrote my blog post the friendly fire not being friendly fire unless it was the “friendly fire” MM was doing when MM arrived in the FWK topic.
    I’m linking to this.

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