Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…..


When will you ever learn?

We don’t want to see “Fake” pictures of you!  Or pictures of when you were 18!  Furthermore, we’d rather not look at your “Photoshopped” ones either! (even though they are fun to pick apart!)

How about, (here’s a thought)…… REAL ONES!!!!  not Tweaked!! not Russians!!  You’re 50 years old, so teenagers don’t count either!! 

Just how long did it take you to dig this one up?   Was this one taken back when you weren’t SHY?  Because, that’s a mighty low cut nighty you have on.

If this IS you (which I highly doubt) how old were you?  20?  Come on Heidi, I know the kool-aid you serve at the Kimpire is some pretty strong stuff, but really!

Do you really expect your members to look at this picture and say.,… “See, she did loose weight on her diet”.    “She wasn’t 300++++ pounds the whole time”  “All that stress made her gain it all back and then some”


Not buying it, babe!  Not for a split, second! 

You may be able to pull the wool over  your “followers” eyes- but NOT AROUND HERE!!  NOT ANY MORE!!!  But, GOOD TRY!  Ill give you that.

Now, run a long…. and have another sugar cookie!



One Response to “Heidi, Heidi, Heidi…..”

  1. LOL, MJR!

    Our Heidi is quite a piece of work, isn’t she? Loved the “shy” comment. LOL!

    It appears one of the new posters on LCF has seen the white nighty photo before and says it IS Heidi. Another diversion on the night of a lunar eclipse, perhaps?

    The twists and turns in this saga are making my head spin.

    Great post, MJR!

    My blog: Medusa

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