OMG – Does someone have to die before KK is shut down?

Two VERY alarming pieces of information has come to light in the past couple of days, that really has the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.  Both incidents involve the health and well being of kimkin’s members or their loved ones.  With all the information plastered across the web, it is unbelievable to me that this could even happen.  We have been SCREAMING at the top of our lungs that the kimkins diet is dangerous and could cause extreme health problems.  Yet, there are still those that WILL NOT listen to reason and continue to follow this extremely dangerous way of eating. 

Yesterday one of the posters on the FWK thread quoted a member from the kimkins forum who was asking others there for help with her ill husband.  Not asking for a medical professional – but, asking the other kool-aid infected members for advice.  Here is the post that was on the FWK thread.

Katinsac copied this post directly from the boards at KK to show the others what was going on at the paid membership only site.  Another member at LCF took that post and blogged about the incident at her site: GrilledCheesewithPickles

It’s frightening to think that this woman would consciously decide to ask for help for her husband by posting on a message board.  HE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Not advice from a known criminal and scam artist.  Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR HUSBAND IS IN A DIABETIC COMA!!!! She cares about SCAMMING PEOPLE.  Yes, maybe someone on that site (a member) might have some medical experience or background.  But, come on, do you really want to risk your husband’s life by listening to someone who would follow this unhealthy plan?  Someone who BELIEVES IN KIMKINS???? That would be the last place I’d go for sound medical advice.  The brainwashing that goes on at that site is just UNBELIEVABLE to me. 

And today, there is another tragic story.  On the front page of the Kimkin’s website there is  a member who is participating in the “watch us lose” ad campaign.  This is where Kimmer, admins and members can show their weight loss success story by posting before and current pictures of themselves as they lose. 

Honeybee posted a comment on the FWK thread after doing some research on this above mentioned member.  Here is her post.

Why doesn’t this woman see the connection between her diet and her heart condition?  How can she come back, after going through her ordeal, to start this nutritionally bankrupt diet all over again?  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHE THINKING???  Doesn’t she realize that her heart condition is most likely related to this unhealthy diet?   Why isn’t her family, friends or loved ones  demanding that she NOT go back to this way of eating?  Especially after what she has been through.

I am desperately afraid for the folks still following this ridiculous diet.  My heart breaks more and more each time I read stories like this coming from inside that dreadful place.  PLEASE – I’M BEGGING YOU!  IF YOU ARE STILL FOLLOWING THIS DIET OR THINKING OF FOLLOWING IT, PLEASE THINK TWICE. Think about how crazy this plan is.  Read the <Kimkins Survivor Stories.  DO THE RESEARCH and find out for yourself all you can about this site and it’s founder.   If you won’t or can’t do this for yourselves – do it for your loved ones.  They don’t deserve to watch you kill yourself!  YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!!  Numbers on the scale are not worth risking your health.  And you may not even know, until MUCH LATER, the price you have paid for following that plan.  


5 Responses to “OMG – Does someone have to die before KK is shut down?”

  1. honeybeesblog Says:

    You are exactly right questioning what it is going to take to get this women shut down. When I read about the new front page member, I was actually sickened and in shock. In this case I hope it is just Heidi pretending to be a member, because the other possibility just doesn’t make any sense.
    As far as death and this diet- I hope Kimkins is shut down before that happens…that is if it hasn’t already! Just such a sad situation.

  2. kimkinscam Says:

    Thanks for your comment and the information about this member. It truly does break my heart to see more people harm themselves by believing this deranged woman. All in the name of money! The most sickening part of all this is that Heidi continues to scam and lie KNOWING she is harming people.

    I can’t wait for the day when she is hauled off to jail for the crimes she has committed and the harm she has caused. And I won’t stop this fight until that happens! It means that much to me. I know you feel the same!

    Hi-Five to YOU, my friend.

  3. I really don’t understand how people can be so willing to sacrifice their health for the sake of a number on a scale.

    No wait…I do…the same mind blowing idiocy is seen on WLS boards—at least they are being followed by qualified docs….not a mentally ill, bored housewife…

  4. Sadly, the die-t will live on after the site is shut down. That’s really been getting me down!
    My blog: Kimorexia

  5. Disillusioned as we all are about the safety of Kimkins diet, there are many more diets, with or without the bogus sanctioning of real or bogus medical personnel, that can have just as bad effects on their longterm followers. Trouble is, THIS is the diet we’ve investigated. THIS is the nutritionally lacking WOE that can have unanticipated reactions that neither emergency doctors nor regular GP’s are aware of. Now that we have been sensitized by a veritable flood of info onto the FWK thread, we know more than the average person on how this diet can kill you. Therefore we come off as Cassandra, crying her message of death and destruction, but doomed not to be believed.

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