More Cryptic Messages

I’d like to rewind a little and revisit a few comments that had me scratching my head the other day.  At first, I thought these comments were left by our friendly (or not so friendly) troll “Martina.”  Now, I’m not so sure!  Only because I’ve had a few days to digest it all and have come to the conclusion that maybe they were left by someone other than Martina.  After-all, Martina was not shy about putting her/his name on their comments.  So why would he/she use these names to identify them-self?  Unless they just wanted to keep the ducks guessing and cause more confusion. 

In case you missed it…. here are the comments that were posted at mariasol’s blog    2/14/08  &  2/16/08  

(remember Heidi was due to go before the judge on 2/18/08 to try to get her money unfrozen)

the other shoe said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.”Two. Name that step. Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.
Then when no one  really made an effort to figure out the puzzle, this comment was left on 2/16/08
fedup said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.” = Becky mad cause she n Tippy in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Jimpire? Oh no you don’t say the Jimmy. And all the Jimmyjoes say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no Tippy toein round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, ain’t no big thang’ cause see she got someplace else to go.
Two.  Name that step.= Texas Two Step. Becky n Bonnie in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Chicken coop? Oh no you don’t say the Nancies. And all the Ducks say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no finger lickin round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, and it’s a big thang now cause see she runnin outa someplace elses to go.

Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.= exit here Becky, Becky&Bonnie, Heidi&Becky, Jeannie&Becky, Jimmy&Becky. Get on out here. We — the people — the fed up with your greed, your lies, your conniving and your coverups — we’ve had it. Get out. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

  I almost missed the last comment.  I just happened to go back to see if anyone had responded since my last visit —  and there it was.  Someone was trying desperately to “out” Becky.  Does this have anything to do with Heidi’s court date?  Afterall, she is trying really hard to get her assets “unfrozen”  – Could Heidi have left these comments?  If not, then who else has it out for Becky?  Who is trying to make Becky look as bad as Heidi?  

Now, let me make this perfectly clear, I’m no Becky fan – not after her previous delivery of a hand grenade into the midst of the ducks –  but, if these above comments are accurate,  Becky’s “greed” and “need to cuddle up” to the likes of Tippy Toes, Kimmer, Jimmy Moore and Bonnie are her own short comings (Shameful, YES).  None of us want to see ANOTHER KIMKINS SITE!!  Even if they want to call it something else.  But, this doesn’t add up to fraud (IMO).  Heidi Diaz seems to have invented the words fraud and scam artist.   Let’s look at it this way…. what if Heidi wanted to SPREAD the guilt around?   Doesn’t it make sense that if Heidi wanted to point her fat little fingers at someone to make them the scapegoat – it would make sense to point them in the direction of Becky?  It’s already common knowledge that the ducks have been suspicious of her in the past.  So wouldn’t it benefit her to try and put Becky’s head on the chopping block so to speak?  If she could.

 Just because Becky seems to be on the side of the ducks (by way of the lawsuit) doesn’t necessarily make her one of us.  That’s true!  Maybe she’s the “Judas” among us?  And it does leave a nasty taste in my mouth to even think that way. YUCK!    BUT! and it’s a very BIG BUT, this in NO WAY negates the damage and criminal tactics of Heidi Kimberly Diaz.  Becky may be guilty of her own crimes… (maybe not!)  but until she starts (or we can prove that she already has been) taking innocent victim’s money at the expense of their health, I’m going to look beyond her and keep watching Heidi.    I agree there is plenty to learn about Becky!!  And, when and if, it’s found out that she is somehow still involved with Heidi…. and acting as a double agent (wolf in sheep’s clothing)….. that’s when Becky will need to be addressed.  And believe me when I say, I’ll be looking for it.  But, for now, my radar is still on Heidi and her future (or unknown) scams.  To me, she is a MUCH BIGGER THREAT!!!

If the “shoe” comment and the “fedup” comment weren’t written by Heidi, then who? “Martina”?????   If you’re out there and want to give us more information – please leave a comment here.  I’d love to know more about the information you’ve given us above.  Help us put the dots together… so we can have a clearer picture of what you are trying to say. 



17 Responses to “More Cryptic Messages”

  1. I don’t think the comments were made by Martina…Martina said it was Martina whenever they commented. It could be Heidi trying to dump on Becky as Becky was a very big part of KK when Heidi made that 1.6 million bucks!! I don’t know how I feel about all of this (yet), but you have a very interesting snopsis going here. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it. Right now, I’m focusing on Heidi.

  2. Oooh, what a delicious post, MJR! So many cryptic clues, so many unanswered questions.

    I just love a good mystery. I’m going to link to your post and see if anyone is able to add information that will help solve the mystery.

    My blog: Medusa

  3. kimkinscam Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this either. I’m still scratching my head, wondering why this poster felt the need to post this puzzle and then stop talking. As far as I know, there have been no more clues. No more cryptic comments on any of the other blogs. That’s why I wrote about this. To see if anyone (even anonymously) would step up and explain how all this fits together.

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I appreciate your help in getting the word out. We need to solve this mystery and have answers to these unanswered questions.

    Good to see you here, Medusa! Stop back in, anytime.

  4. Mayberryfan Says:

    Hmmmmm. If I were Carolyn Keene (pen name of the collective authors who wrote Nancy Drew) then I’d be penning a story right now called “The Mystery of the Devilish Diet Diva Debacle.”

    Interesting. I don’t know what to make of Becky, or Bonnie for that matter. But “The Mystery of the Missing Sugar Cookies, Cap’n Morgan and the Millions” is solved. And, Heidi Diaz is GUILTY.

  5. So if Heidi was the culprit, what is happening with her and the deposition right now? Did she get her assets unfrozen that she could stop with the cryptic comments at this point? (Not that such idiotic drivel sounds like her, but maybe she’s practicing another persona.) Martina is the bigger puzzle. Heidi is merely a desperate scammer, with a streak of nasty nice vindictiveness thrown in. Martina is seemingly terrified of being identified; so I’ll cease speculation – just in case. Nor do I have much patience with the feminine equivalent of Batman’s Riddler. Wake me when something concrete happens. ZZZZZZZZ

  6. kimkinscam Says:

    Mayberryfan, YOU ARE JUST TOO FUNNY!!

    Nancy Drew doesn’t hold a candle to the Kimkins Controversy. I can’t wait for the *made for TV mini series* Now, what should we call it? “The Cap’n Morgan chugging, sugar cookie eating, lying, liar that lies, Millionaire develops a devilish diva diet in hopes of scamming millions.”

    uh, we may need to shorten that title. LMAO


    Idiotic drivel may be the Cap’n talking. just saying. But, I agree with you. I’m running out of patience too. doesn’t look like anyone is going to “fess up” on the “fed up” comment.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll figure it all out eventually.

    But if someone should step up…. I promise to wake you up.

  7. the other shoe Says:

    tos does not equal fe

  8. the other shoe,
    Thanks for responding!

    So, “tos does not equal fe?” Are you saying – the other shoe does not equal fedup?

    Two different posters?
    Or, two different points of view?

    I am assuming that you are the original poster and fedup is someone else. If so, did fedup figure out your puzzle correctly? Or not?

    Was it your intention to “out” Becky for something – or was that just fedup?

    Were you trying to get a different point across?

    Do you know the identity of fedup?

    You see, I have lots of questions concerning your post. And would appreciate you clarifying your comment. We (the ducks) really want to know what’s going on, on all fronts, in this saga. So if you have some information that would be helpful in the case against Heidi, something that has to do with Becky, Tippy, Bonnie or Jimmy Moore – we’d love to hear about it.

    On the other hand, if fedup’s comment was “out in left field”, we’d like to know that as well.

    Thanks for commenting here, and I hope you will feel comfortable sharing more information with us, soon.

  9. the other shoe Says:


    2 p
    1 pov

    fedup unpuzzled correctly

    tos intention does not equal to out
    tos intention equals to point out

    fedup id = ?

    100% info re b, b, t, j = purloined by poe

    14 dec 2007 b @ j
    17 dec 2007 pdf @ y

  10. the other shoe Says:

    btw tos = antikk!

  11. the other shoe Says:

    btw2 mm = hkd (lex parsimoniae)

  12. kimkinscam Says:

    OK, other shoe,
    I need to give this some more thought (and more research) before I comment.

    Maybe someone else has a theory on this. If so, please leave YOUR thoughts here.


  13. Well that last post means:

    Martina = Heidi (the simplist solution is best)

  14. ZZZ! Squinting – well, some of it almost made sense. But I don’t play Fedup games because I am “fedup” with crypticisms. ZZZZZZZZ.

  15. kimkinscam Says:

    Well, to me it looks like “the other shoe” is saying:

    yw——————————-> Your Welcome

    2 p —————————–> Two posters/people
    1 pov—————————-> One point of view

    fedup unpuzzled correctly———> “fed up” cracked the puzzle

    tos intention does not equal to out—–> “the other shoe” is NOT trying to “out” Becky
    tos intention equals to point out——-> …Only trying to “point out” interesting facts

    fedup id = ?—————————–> “the other shoe” doesn’t know who “fed up” is

    100% info re b, b, t, j = purloined by poe—> 100% or all the information about Becky,
    Bonnie, Tippy, and Jimmy are hiding in plain sight (reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “The Purloined Letter”)

    14 dec 2007 b @ j———–> date of Becky’s anti-Ducks rant at Jimmy’s

    17 dec 2007 pdf @ y———–>date the pdf document of the MCD diet was posted. (3 days later)

    This is my understanding of the information given. How am I doing?

  16. you’re doing better than me…I had no clue!! or is that a clue? lol

  17. WOW!

    We may have a few more clues…. Seems that Yucky, Medusa and Prudentia have put a few things together and they ALL point to Heidi Diaz and her “imaginary friends” – GREAT SLEUTHING, you guys!! We all knew we could count on you guys to get to the truth. Even if it meant traveling to California. Hope you had a great trip! Obviously, you learned plenty.

    Someone should have a running list of ALL the sock-puppets and fictitious characters Heidi has fabricated over the past few years. Because, I’m having a hard time keeping up!!!

    Maybe – just maybe “the other shoe” and “fedup” were just a couple more of Heidi’s “Figments” – Just like Martina, crispybread, kimkinite101 and many more. It would seem that she is getting extremely desperate to force ANYONE and EVERYONE she can into the spot light – to keep it OFF OF HER!!

    Of course this won’t work – because all the “Negative Nancys” and “Ducks” are hot on her trail. I think the days of “getting over” on the innocent are coming to an end. Just like her site. And let’s hope, her freedom.

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