Oh Heidi, What a tangled web we weave


Based on reliable and accurate information,it has been uncovered that “Martina’s Martini” (recent troll at the LCF’s FWK thread) shares the same IP address as our dear friend (NOT!), Heidi K. Diaz.   So, what does this mean?  Martina and Heidi are “one in the same”?  What are the odds of  Martina being, let’s say, Brandon?  Not likely!!!

It apparently has been discovered that our troll Martina tried to intimidate one of the participants in the lawsuit with a threatening email.   Heidi has also been going to extreme measures lately,  pointing the finger at many of the principals in the case.  Tippy Toes, I hope you are on the up and up – because Heidi’s coming after you, darling.  She is desperate – desperate to keep her money and have someone else take the fall.  She is NOT above bullying those that she believes can hurt her in court.  I believe she thinks if she can make the principals in the case look devious or fraudulent themselves, then she feels she can beat this lawsuit.  She thinks that by throwing previous (or current for that matter, SL) KK admins under the bus – it will somehow help her out in the case and insure that she gets to keep her money and her website.   So, you tell me, does Martina = Heidi ?????

WOW!  – New information , just in-

We may have a few more clues…. Seems that Yucky, Medusa and Prudentiahave put a few things together and they ALL point to Heidi Diaz and her “imaginary friends” – GREAT SLEUTHING, you guys!! We all knew we could count on you guys to get to the truth. Even if it meant traveling to California. Hope you had a great trip! Obviously, you learned plenty.

Someone should have a running list of ALL the sock-puppets and fictitious characters Heidi has fabricated over the past few years. Because, I’m having a hard time keeping up!!!  Oh, Honeybee…. you working on that one?

Maybe – just maybe “the other shoe” and “fedup” were just a couple more of Heidi’s “Figments” – Just like Martina, crispybread, kimkinite101 and many more. It would seem that she is getting extremely desperate that she is trying to force ANYONE and EVERYONE she can into the spot light – to keep it OFF OF HER!!

Of course this won’t work – because all the “Negative Nancies” and “Ducks” are hot on her trail. I think the days of “getting over” on the innocent are coming to an end. Just like her site. And let’s hope, her FREEDOM.


10 Responses to “Oh Heidi, What a tangled web we weave”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Seems some folk gave MM too much credit.

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  3. Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting!!!
    Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Exkimkinite Says:

    Nice to know I was right. I guess there’s something to be said for becoming a student of Hidey’s particular brand of prevarication and deceptions 😉

  5. We respectfully disagree with 2Big (uh so what else is new! 🙂 Martina a.k.a. Heidi is dead serious and should not be taken lightly. Expect more desperate measures as the trial date approaches and the state and federal authorities gear up thanks to the flurry of reports landing on their desks by the hard working and dedicated people who participated in BamaGal’s Take Down Kimkins project — and that’s only the latest project. The ConsumerAffairs coverage looks to have set off a ripple effect that’s starting to spread through a different layer of the media. Heidi — by any other name, including Martina’s Martini — is going down, but she’s not going to go quietly and she’s not going to go alone.

  6. Why not Brandon? I honestly believe that Heidi and Brandon work closely together and co-author some of the sockpuppets. Gary/Lasttime4me for instance.

  7. Mayberryfan Says:

    Shock, gasp…NOT. Although, Heidi as Martina really didn’t put up much of a fight over at LCF. I was witness to the silly shenanigans before they were yanked. Heidi, will you ever learn when to cut your losses. Somebody, take that shovel away from her, the hole she’s dug is more than deep enough to bury her in.

  8. Well, the ducks did learn to ignore the trolls, which lured Heidi to excesses beyond normal. Keep up the ptressure, and either she’ll cut and run, or go off her nut. (She may be a lot of things, but she isn’t crazy -yet!) Expect more bricks to come flying through windows from her general direction, and tell any skeletons in your closet to stop rattling, ex-KK admins.

  9. yustyucky Says:

    hey Mariasol, you ask why not Brandon? Just IMO but it seems unlikely that Brandon would pull such a convoluted stunt of his own volition. Same goes for Dennis. Would either of those two guys carry out the Martina project without being instructed by Heidi?

    Who knows. The weird weird world of Kimmer probably is weirder than we can imagine.

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