manipulitive – self centered – fraudulant scam artist

kimmer_current1.jpgThere are many adjectives I find appropriate to describe Heidi K. Diaz.  But, the words used in the title of this post are at the top of the list.  I have never, in all my years, seen such deception and evilness from one human being.  She truly only cares about herself and her money.  Yet, many people hang on her every word!  And trust that she has their best interests at heart.  WHY????  Her members put their health in her hands – they give her money for her advice – and she continues to manipulate and play on the emotions and (lack of) strength of her members.  She Cheats and Cons anyone and everyone in her path, for the sake of a few bucks (or for the sake of control).  And if, or when, they question her – or don’t “fall in line” she Threatens and Intimidates to get them to conform.  SICKENING!!!  DISGUSTING!!! AND EVIL!!!  

My belief is, that one day she WILL face the music for her evilness.  She will pay for her crimes…. if not through the legal system – then through a “higher up” system.   She will – one day – regret the harm she has caused others.  You don’t go through life with the intent to hurt others and just walk away scot free!   It will come around and bite her in the ass, one day. 

Yes, she is feeling the heat of the “ducks” and the “negative nancies”.  It’s coming at her from all sides and in my opinon she is close to crumbling.  But, we’re not there yet.  She still has games and disceptions “up her sleve” and intends to use anything and everything she can to throw a “monkey wrench” into the mix, to stop the heat.  She is only digging her own grave!!   The attorneys are closing in on her – she IS making mistakes and the word is getting out for everyone to see  what a manipulative bitch she really is.  Her days are numbered and she knows this.  She will not go down easy!!  She will take anyone and everyone she can, with her. 

If there ever was any doubt as to what Heidi is made of – all you need to do is go read Amyb’s blog.  It is a real eye opener!  You can see exactly what kind of evil monster Heidi (Kimmer) is. 

So, for those that STILL think we’ve (the anti-kk folk) gone too far OR should “back off”…… PLEASE go read Kimmer’s emails to Amyb.  Put yourself in Amy’s shoes and see how you feel after reading it all. 

It makes me want to go take a long shower and scrub the funk off as fast as I can.  YUCK!!  She’s one nasty bitch! (and, I don’t use that word or adjective lightly)


10 Responses to “manipulitive – self centered – fraudulant scam artist”

  1. honeybeesblog Says:

    Great post MJR! I think AmyB sharing how Heidi would treat her and posting the emails, really shows how Heidi was Kimmer on the boards, but the manipulative Heidi Diaz behind the scenes.

    It should help others comprehend why Heidi is dangerous, evil and someone who needs to be stopped. She is all those things and more- but I guess she will see what we are made of now!

  2. mrsmenopausal Says:

    I’m not surprised by what Heidi has, and continues, to do. Too many people excuse the fraud and continue on at Kimkins. I’ve read one excuse after another as to why they think it’s okay to stay, and how the fraud isn’t a concern. Well, what about hiding health risks? Look at Amy, who was told to keep quiet about the medical problems she was having or she couldn’t go back. That speaks volumes about what truly matters to Heidi Diaz. I hope it opens a few eyes and saves them their health.

  3. I think it’s very courageous of AmyB to blog about this before she’s had much of a chance to sort out her feelings. What it shows to me is that Heidi is a cruel woman who hates other women and who has superbly learned the evil arts of mind control and cult-creating behavior. MJR, I am in total agreement with you.

  4. prudentiablog Says:

    MJR, you have her pegged. I wonder if she has the slight twinge of guilt or remorse when she sees herself so clearly laid out. … Nah, I doubt it. I shudder to think of the victims who are strewn about in her wake.

  5. Thanks for blogging about this. I hope there is a way for her victims to recover before they suffer permanent effects. I wish we could just shower off Kimmer.

  6. mayberryfan Says:

    Gee, I wonder if Heidi’s come out of her Cap’n Morgan fog long enough to think about “what if Amyb joins the lawsuit?”

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm?!

  7. avenuegirl Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and time put in to helping get the word out. I think as many people as possible need to see amyb’s post. It gave me inspiration to push on even harder against Kimkins.

  8. yustyucky Says:

    MJR, where’d ya go? Looking forward to reading your updates!

  9. kimkinscam Says:

    Well, I’m just reeling from the latest Heidi news? What a NASTY human being!! I had written a very long drawn out MM post and then all the info broke loose. So, my post doesn’t make sense now! LOL. There is SO much craziness to dive into right now, that I’m finding it hard to know what to dwell on, or where to start. Too many lies…. too little time! I’ll get back to work soon. Ya know, this Heidi crap really does drain the life out of you!! Or, at least it does for me. She’s one sick bitch!

  10. yustyucky Says:

    No the problem is, it DOES make sense.
    When will the feds put an end to Heidi’s evil?

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