What happened to the ‘boys in the hood’?


According to  Medusa's source, Fawn (Butterfly) is back at Camp.  Well, that didn't take long!  

I think Fawn just answered a bunch of my questions as to her motive in regards to her most recent RANTS.  Big Fat Lies.  The picture just gets clearer and clearer! 

Yet, I still wait..... to hear it from the horses mouth.  Fawn, if you're reading, I'd love to get a comment from you regarding my interpretation of your motives.

I've gotten no answers from Fawn, regarding my previous post,  so I thought I'd clear a few things up before I move on to the Magic Chicken Diet.

It has been posted on the FWK thread and at Bama's blogthat Fawn has decided to pull the plug on her blog and will leave camp so as to not cause trouble for the members there.  I am stunned by this information.   Was this the reason for all the BIG talk?  Was it fawn's intention to dare the ducks to respond to her crazy postings, knowing full well how they would respond, only to cry fowl and run away?  If this is the case, then I haven't given fawn enough credit.  She is smarter than I once thought.  With a single post at camp she was able to put an even wider divide between the ex-kk folk and the ducks.  Once again, the ducks are the evil ones and the emphasis is shoved further away from Heidi.  Was this the intent?   "Poor Fawn", says the members at camp!  "Don't let the anti-kimkins people win" !  These are the kind of responses fawn received after her announcement that she would be leaving.  WHATEVER!!!  What this latest development tells me is that there is more to all this than meets the eye.  

I certainly can't speak for anyone else, only myself. But, I would like to say that I have NO problem with fawn and her photos or alternative lifestyle. Both, are her business and she certainly has a right to do what she wants with her photos and/or her own body.My problem is with the flip flopping, nice one minute, nasty and threatening the next, fawn. I can't figure out if she is who she says she is (because it changes so frequently) or something/someone else. Sock Puppet, Defender, Advocate of Heidi and her site... or EX-Kimkinite for a 'REASON'. Did Heidi do something to fawn to tick her off? Was it her or someone else who stole her pictures and story for her (Heidi's) own gain? Or did someone else tick fawn off?

Or maybe, just maybe, IT'S A BIG FAT LIE!!!Intended to make the ducks look bad.  hmmmm - It could be!

Her own words, on her blog set off this firestorm. IMO, none of this (the pictures, the blog posts) would have come to light (or had much bearing), had she not rambled on the way she did. After all, wasn't it fawn who said "BRING IT ON" "IF YOU DARE"? I think the ducks just did what she asked, they brought it.   And Fawn ran away!  


4 Responses to “What happened to the ‘boys in the hood’?”

  1. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Diversion, be gone!

  2. katinsac Says:

    I agree, MJR…Fawn is a phoney and only talks a good one when needed and she thinks people will believe it. I don’t care about her pics or lifestyle either and I do think she is either a sockpuppet or still under Heidi’s thumb. She had no reason to leave the Camp as most of us had no access to it anyway and have not even bugged the survivors over there. If Fawm is “real” and as tough as she states…she has no reason to be running away from anything. Dish it out but can’t take it, hea? Sounds to me like Fawn has a few unresolved Kimkins issues…too bad these people do not see the damage Heidi and her WOE does to peoples minds!!

  3. kimkinscam Says:

    Yep – Another “divide and conquer” technique. But, the ducks don’t ever get too far off track. They’ve learned to spot the warning signs.

    I agree! I’d also like to know why fawn left the Kimpound. IF SHE DID! Because, I have yet to hear a reason for that, as well. Heidi is up to no good, as usual, and once again it’s up to us to figure out what that ‘no good’ is. I’ll be the bad guy (if need be) if it means we get to see Heidi pay for her crimes. Small price to pay, in my eyes.

  4. mayberryfan Says:

    Our little Fawn does like to be the center of attention every now and then, doesn’t she?

    Personally, I can’t wait until you get started on the Magic Chicken stuff. If we can’t sit by and let Kimmer hurt people with her dangerous diet, how can we let Bonnie get by with the same thing? Bonnie Luper may or may not be the kind of low-life that Kimmer is, but she IS promoting a dangerous WOE, no ifs, ands or chicken butts about it!

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