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A Warm, Welcome Back!

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Here’s the warm welcome I received shortly after publishing my first post in a month (see comment section of “I’m back” post).  It would seem the trolls are out in full force – ready to do battle – and just gunning for a fight. 

Well, I’ve had a little rest and am ready to go at it, if you’d like. 


I’m Back, 2008/04/28 at 5:38 PM 2008/04/28

Get Real |

The only thing dark and dangerous about the diet has been the pathetic people with agenda’s trying to place blame when they have had other previous underlying eating disorders or psychological issues all along that caused them to take it to extremes.

From I’m Back, 2008/04/28 at 2:03 PM

So let’s discuss this:

Get Real, so what you’re saying is that all those folks who took Heidi’s advice and followed the diet exactly the way she intended and were harmed – all of them had underlying psychological issues and preexisting eating disorders???


I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with you on that one.  But, even if it were true (which it’s not) are you therefore claiming that Heidi WAS targeting those types of people?  Are you saying that she knew that those that would listen and follow her advice would do MORE harm to themselves by following this diet, considering how low in every category this VLC diet is?  It seems to me that you are saying exactly that.  That you believe that Heidi put this diet out there, knowing full well that she would harm others.  You are saying that those that follow this way of eating and took it to extremes (which is exactly what Heidi asked them to do) were already psychologically impaired and already dealing with eating disorder issues.  WOW! Now, isn’t that interesting?  Sounds like an admittance of guilt to me.  Why would someone, knowingly harm others?  Why wouldn’t she ask these, so called, psychologically impaired members to seek professional (medical) help?  I’ll tell you why!  Because she’s a Cold Hearted, Money Hungry, Con Artist that has no regard for her fellow man.  If that’s not “dark and dangerous” – I DON”T KNOW WHAT IS!!!

Good try, though, on trying to cause a ruckus.  But, next time maybe you ought to think through the scenario BEFORE you post a comment.  I think you confirmed my point on this dangerous diet.







I’m Back

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After a much needed break, I’ve decided to continue blogging about the dangers of the Kimkins diet and it’s founder (among other things…)   There are still many unanswered questions regarding the Kimkins controversy.  I feel it is still my duty to continue spreading the word about this dangerous scam.  Heidi Diaz (and her “followers”) will not continue to get away with advising others to cause dangerous health risks to their bodies.  At least not if I can help it.  This is a VERY important cause and I feel compelled to continue with my research and shedding light on this very dark and dangerous way of eating. 

So please bare with me while I get back on track and catch up.  And watch for more updates in the days to come.