May 1, 2008

OK – So it’s May 1st and I have yet to see Heidi/Kimmer’s new updated pictures and stats.  Didn’t she claim to have a surprise for everyone, to be reveled on 4/30/08?  A “Good Number” on the scales?  Well, I’m still waiting to be shocked and impressed by her extreme weight loss.  After-all, she’s only (9) nine days away from her goal date (birthday)  – she should be real close to goal, by now.  Is it a coincidence that she has removed the “watch us lose” from the front page?  Where did all those losers go?  And how is their weight loss going?  Kimkins was taunted as the fastest weight loss diet, ever.  So where’s the weight loss?  Seems to me, it may not be all it’s cracked up to be – Maybe it’s just an extremely unhealthy diet that causes dangerous side effects, if followed correctly – OR, it’s just impossible to follow in the first place.  Therefore, no one really ever loses, at least not for long.   Or, should I have said, “They Lose Plenty”?   But it’s not just the weight…. it’s their health.

After a quick check at the Kimpound, I’ve found that Kimmer has yet to post today.  NOTHING!  And only posted 2 posts yesterday morning.  Nothing was said about her big reveal.  Maybe she thinks we’ve all forgotten…. She doesn’t know the ducks very well.  We never forget!  And it comes as NO surprise that she has, yet again, “come up short” on her latest claim or promise.  People who lie for a living just can’t keep it all straight. 

Hiedi/Kimmer, we’re still waiting to see the “New You”!   Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!


2 Responses to “May 1, 2008”

  1. Scarlet Says:

    Yes, I agree, show us the new Heidi!! In a lawn chair with a red dress!!!

  2. kimkinscam Says:



    No – No lawn chair and red dress. Stretch pants with sugar cookie sprinkles. Now, that’s what I invision.

    I think her Photoshop software must be down, otherwise we would have seen the latest “figment of her imagination” by now.

    Thanks for the comment.


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