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I am re-posting this – Because it got buried! Too many distractions!

Time to get back to work.


What happened to the ‘boys in the hood’?

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According to  Medusa's source, Fawn (Butterfly) is back at Camp.  Well, that didn't take long!  

I think Fawn just answered a bunch of my questions as to her motive in regards to her most recent RANTS.  Big Fat Lies.  The picture just gets clearer and clearer! 

Yet, I still wait..... to hear it from the horses mouth.  Fawn, if you're reading, I'd love to get a comment from you regarding my interpretation of your motives.

I've gotten no answers from Fawn, regarding my previous post,  so I thought I'd clear a few things up before I move on to the Magic Chicken Diet.

It has been posted on the FWK thread and at Bama's blogthat Fawn has decided to pull the plug on her blog and will leave camp so as to not cause trouble for the members there.  I am stunned by this information.   Was this the reason for all the BIG talk?  Was it fawn's intention to dare the ducks to respond to her crazy postings, knowing full well how they would respond, only to cry fowl and run away?  If this is the case, then I haven't given fawn enough credit.  She is smarter than I once thought.  With a single post at camp she was able to put an even wider divide between the ex-kk folk and the ducks.  Once again, the ducks are the evil ones and the emphasis is shoved further away from Heidi.  Was this the intent?   "Poor Fawn", says the members at camp!  "Don't let the anti-kimkins people win" !  These are the kind of responses fawn received after her announcement that she would be leaving.  WHATEVER!!!  What this latest development tells me is that there is more to all this than meets the eye.  

I certainly can't speak for anyone else, only myself. But, I would like to say that I have NO problem with fawn and her photos or alternative lifestyle. Both, are her business and she certainly has a right to do what she wants with her photos and/or her own body.My problem is with the flip flopping, nice one minute, nasty and threatening the next, fawn. I can't figure out if she is who she says she is (because it changes so frequently) or something/someone else. Sock Puppet, Defender, Advocate of Heidi and her site... or EX-Kimkinite for a 'REASON'. Did Heidi do something to fawn to tick her off? Was it her or someone else who stole her pictures and story for her (Heidi's) own gain? Or did someone else tick fawn off?

Or maybe, just maybe, IT'S A BIG FAT LIE!!!Intended to make the ducks look bad.  hmmmm - It could be!

Her own words, on her blog set off this firestorm. IMO, none of this (the pictures, the blog posts) would have come to light (or had much bearing), had she not rambled on the way she did. After all, wasn't it fawn who said "BRING IT ON" "IF YOU DARE"? I think the ducks just did what she asked, they brought it.   And Fawn ran away!  


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Fawns most recent rant (in red)!  My rant, in white!

“People may think this has nothing to do with color but I assure you, it does… at least in MY mindset it does.Ebony people do NOT play around..well most don’t and I am one of the Most.I am not one of those passive people, or one of those policitally correct people who tell people what they want to hear. I am straight UP and genuine.

From what I’ve read at Kimkins and Campcarbaway, I’d say you ARE (or at-least act like) one of  ‘those passive people’.  I have never before read such “sucking up” in my life!  Your posts, on those sites,  DRIP of being passive and policitally correct.  ….telling people (like Kimmer and Tippy) what they want to hear.  So which is it?  Straight up and genuine or Suck Up and Submissive?

I got my peoples, like I am sure we all do. I don’t drag sh-t out. If there is a problem or an injustice we act swiftly. None of this baby momma crap. I deal with with it immediately, problem solve and move on. Seriously. I choose not to go into detail, as that is my right to do so but let’s just say that things were brought to my attention, I contacted my people and it was handled swiftly. We DO NOT mess around. TG I have friends in high authority places and I will leave it at that.

Where were your Peeps when Heidi was scamming thousands out of their hard earned money?  Why didn’t you “take action” and deal with her fraud, swiftly?  Why did you “drag out” the sugary “fawning” of Heidi and her site,  when you knew she was a scam artist and was hurting your, so called, friends?  Or were these “friends” not the “peoples” you refer to above.  If you “do not mess around” when things are “brought to your attention”, then why haven’t your “peeps” gone after Heidi?  Why haven’t you gone “hoodie” on her?  OR HAVE YOU??

 Case in point….. One time I was driving in Colorado on my way to the movies and I was running a bit late and I hate to be late. The person in front of me was dragging their a– of deciding which wasy to turn and I honked my horn. This person in turn let me pass by and yelled out the window ” what the F— is your problem”Don’t you know that I stopped my car mid-way in the intersection and turned my a– around and went into persuit.We stopped at the next light and I took me a– OUT of my car and went to theirs. Yes there was three people in the car but do you think I gave a f—? Hell no, I yelled at them to get the hell out of the car and face me. no bs…. this is me.The person closest to me rolled up her window in fear and the male driver would not get out the car and the one in the backseat scooted away from the window closest to me.The light turned and they drove off. I got back in my car and calmed down, heart racing, ready to fight. (that’s what I mean by boys in the hood).
I’m shaking in my boots!  Oh, Fawn – if you were so tuff, then why did you keep kissing Heidi’s ass?  Knowing full well, she was hurting your friends?

Generally speaking……. when I share that you all, handle things one way and we handle it another way… that’s how we are and I cannot be more open and honest then that, seriously. It is not in my nature to be meek and mild. It is in my nature to be kind to people that may need help or uplifting so to speak BUT try to jump in my koolaid, girl please… its ON my reply: No one who knows me well, would ever dare every threaten me. And if people jump in my koolaid, then dam it I am ready, bring it! I am not bragging, I am tell you the truth. I do not waste time bs-ing anybody, I am straight up hood on the Real but with a touch of class when it comes to people I care about.

Ok – which is it?  Not Meek and Mild, BUT Helpful and Uplifting…..OR Staight up Hood?  I am confussed by these two paragraphs.  It’s not in your nature to be meek and mild, but, it IS in your nature to be helpful and kind to those that may need it (or people you care about)?? So, my question would be, did you care about any of those poor people that Heidi shit on? Did you care about those that believed her crap and are now suffering for doing so?  If you’re not bs-ing anyone…. then what is your position on that?  If you’re straight up hood on the REAL (but with a touch of class), then what’s your take on Heidi?  And why, may I ask, ALL THE “FAWNING” AT THE KIMPOUND??? In person, there are times when I am professional and then there are times when my assertiveness or agreesiveness comes out when needed. That level of temperment really needs to be worked on, but let’s face it, I am who I am and do not pretend to be otherwise.

I will defend those who I believe speak the truth at the time, but let me find out for SURE they are full of s–t and then I am done.

Is this your way of answering my questions above?  Am I reading this correctly?  You defended Kimmer, who you believed, spoke the truth at the time, but, if you find out for SURE she is full of it, THEN you’re done.  Just trying to understand your thought process.  Maybe it would be best to come right out and tell us what your thoughts are on Kimmer (Heidi K. Diaz) – so that none of us have to speculate.

Online, I thought it was harder to handle situations but come to find out, it is NOT as hard as I once thought….. well I know it now.

where are you pictures? why did you take it down?

I cannot go into detail. I promised I would not. My word is my bond. If I tell someone I will not repeat specific information then that is exactly what I do. So I will answer your question in a general term.

A situation arose, and quite frankly I do not have the money to hire people for I live paycheck to paycheck like most people with a little savings that I just recently started, BUT I am lucky to know people in the legal system here locally and like me they do not mess around.

Of course when I came to them I was furious cause momma dont play that sh-t. It is one thing to share Accurate information and then I give credit where credit is do and that’s the truth but use something of mines that belongs to me, child please.. its ON then.

 ?????  Not sure I understand this!  So I won’t comment.


A situation came up that something that belongs to me was used elsewhere on the net without my knowledge or consent and it was investigated in a matter of hours, shut down and handled with legal proceedings swiftly cause if it was left up to me, I would have been done something because I have a short temper but my people had to calm me down and sh-t.

Fawn, we know you’re TUFF!  You’ve tried to tell us so in SO MANY WAYS!!!  Just not tough enough to stand up, and tell Kimmer how it really is.   

Legal advice: Don’t ever put myself in a compromising position because it can be copied and pasted elsewhere.

This kinda stuff happened before but it was a story of mines and again I will not go into detail because that situation I handled myself. Again I didnt know my story was being used elsewhere for the benefit of profit and I immediately contacted that person and I assure you my story was deleted in five minutes by the other person who posted it elsewhere.

I do not play around. This passive/agreessive bs that people play… I don’t play. I am sincerely a nice person to people but jump in my koolaid or space and I will jump all over it without a second thought on the REAL.

Are you sure you don’t play?? Because, from what I’ve seen, with my own two eyes…. You play it (the passive/agressive roll) quite well!!

bottom line: I took down my photo on my blog by the advice of my legal people…. no not everyone speaks and behaves like me, short tempered and boys in the hood of it all, but they know how to handle sh-t swiftly which shocked the hell out of me.

It is a shame when one can’t trust people too much or at all on the net. Okay true that, sometimes I look thru rose colored glasses let’s say and believe that no one would do another harm… but in reality it is not always that way.

You’re right Fawn, it IS a shame – Kimmer is an evil woman.  She means to cause harm to anyone who gets in her way!

Medusa, know that I answered your questions to the best of my ability within the contraints and confines of people handling this situation which would have otherwise cost me thousands of dollars and girl I dont have a pot to piss on. So yes I obliged and gave my word and kept it. If I am nothing else,I am a person of my word, short temper and all. They did me a favor and I will honor that favor by keeping my word.

Not to mention I do not like to drag out the Baby Momma drama sh-t. If there is a problem, handle your business swiftly and move on.

Truth be told I was crying when this sh=t happened but ya know what? I will NOT allow a crap to deter me from my goals. It would have been Easy to have ate myself silly, as I am a big eater, but I maintained self-control and let my people handle the sh=t that was above my abilities and now it is done.

okay clearly I was not able to not curse too much BUT at least I didnt spell it out…. I do have faults to work on and that is a major one… learning to speak calmly without crusing. A work in progress.

I agree with you…. YOU DIDN’T SPELL IT OUT!  You only left us with MORE questions.  Questions about your thoughts of Kimmer.   You have left the Kimpound, you have received a refund, NOW, where do you stand on Kimmer?? Is she the reason you are SO angry?? Or something else?  Did she do something to piss you off?  Or was it someone else?  Did she use your pictures and/ or story?  Or someone else?  You see, to me, your inability to speak clearly – what is on you mind, makes me wonder about the whole passive/agressive denial.  I think you aren’t as tough as you’d like us to think.  I think you are afraid of the KIMMER.  I think, by writing this very long, hard to understand, post, you are really just trying not to have to deal with the situation head on.  I think, by speaking of constraints and confines….. and not being CLEAR – you are purposly keeping others in the dark, so to speak.    Why is that??

WHY did I “choose” to post and answer your questions as best I could when it was really nobody’s business and let’s face it, you are a stranger to me…. it was because of your accurate information that you posted about me on your blog… and your captions of the “way we were” was very creative and actually made me laugh because it was true and it was true about me leaving the compound and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

yes this is a long post, but I am true to who I am… I am a longgggggg poster of the written word.

Too bad your longggggg post didn’t really say much!    If it had, maybe we (or I) could be more supportive.  But, as it stands – I have NO IDEA WHAT TO THINK!!!!

I will not speak any more on this topic again… remember I have restraints.

fawn. “

Fawn, these are a few of the hard questions I’m asking.  You don’t owe me or anyone an anwer.  This is true.   But, if you’d like me to take you for your word, then I’d like to “understand” your word better and I need to know more.  I’d like for you to enlighten me and answer my questions and concerns with straight forward words and comments.  I really would like to understand you better.

manipulitive – self centered – fraudulant scam artist

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kimmer_current1.jpgThere are many adjectives I find appropriate to describe Heidi K. Diaz.  But, the words used in the title of this post are at the top of the list.  I have never, in all my years, seen such deception and evilness from one human being.  She truly only cares about herself and her money.  Yet, many people hang on her every word!  And trust that she has their best interests at heart.  WHY????  Her members put their health in her hands – they give her money for her advice – and she continues to manipulate and play on the emotions and (lack of) strength of her members.  She Cheats and Cons anyone and everyone in her path, for the sake of a few bucks (or for the sake of control).  And if, or when, they question her – or don’t “fall in line” she Threatens and Intimidates to get them to conform.  SICKENING!!!  DISGUSTING!!! AND EVIL!!!  

My belief is, that one day she WILL face the music for her evilness.  She will pay for her crimes…. if not through the legal system – then through a “higher up” system.   She will – one day – regret the harm she has caused others.  You don’t go through life with the intent to hurt others and just walk away scot free!   It will come around and bite her in the ass, one day. 

Yes, she is feeling the heat of the “ducks” and the “negative nancies”.  It’s coming at her from all sides and in my opinon she is close to crumbling.  But, we’re not there yet.  She still has games and disceptions “up her sleve” and intends to use anything and everything she can to throw a “monkey wrench” into the mix, to stop the heat.  She is only digging her own grave!!   The attorneys are closing in on her – she IS making mistakes and the word is getting out for everyone to see  what a manipulative bitch she really is.  Her days are numbered and she knows this.  She will not go down easy!!  She will take anyone and everyone she can, with her. 

If there ever was any doubt as to what Heidi is made of – all you need to do is go read Amyb’s blog.  It is a real eye opener!  You can see exactly what kind of evil monster Heidi (Kimmer) is. 

So, for those that STILL think we’ve (the anti-kk folk) gone too far OR should “back off”…… PLEASE go read Kimmer’s emails to Amyb.  Put yourself in Amy’s shoes and see how you feel after reading it all. 

It makes me want to go take a long shower and scrub the funk off as fast as I can.  YUCK!!  She’s one nasty bitch! (and, I don’t use that word or adjective lightly)

Oh Heidi, What a tangled web we weave

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Based on reliable and accurate information,it has been uncovered that “Martina’s Martini” (recent troll at the LCF’s FWK thread) shares the same IP address as our dear friend (NOT!), Heidi K. Diaz.   So, what does this mean?  Martina and Heidi are “one in the same”?  What are the odds of  Martina being, let’s say, Brandon?  Not likely!!!

It apparently has been discovered that our troll Martina tried to intimidate one of the participants in the lawsuit with a threatening email.   Heidi has also been going to extreme measures lately,  pointing the finger at many of the principals in the case.  Tippy Toes, I hope you are on the up and up – because Heidi’s coming after you, darling.  She is desperate – desperate to keep her money and have someone else take the fall.  She is NOT above bullying those that she believes can hurt her in court.  I believe she thinks if she can make the principals in the case look devious or fraudulent themselves, then she feels she can beat this lawsuit.  She thinks that by throwing previous (or current for that matter, SL) KK admins under the bus – it will somehow help her out in the case and insure that she gets to keep her money and her website.   So, you tell me, does Martina = Heidi ?????

WOW!  – New information , just in-

We may have a few more clues…. Seems that Yucky, Medusa and Prudentiahave put a few things together and they ALL point to Heidi Diaz and her “imaginary friends” – GREAT SLEUTHING, you guys!! We all knew we could count on you guys to get to the truth. Even if it meant traveling to California. Hope you had a great trip! Obviously, you learned plenty.

Someone should have a running list of ALL the sock-puppets and fictitious characters Heidi has fabricated over the past few years. Because, I’m having a hard time keeping up!!!  Oh, Honeybee…. you working on that one?

Maybe – just maybe “the other shoe” and “fedup” were just a couple more of Heidi’s “Figments” – Just like Martina, crispybread, kimkinite101 and many more. It would seem that she is getting extremely desperate that she is trying to force ANYONE and EVERYONE she can into the spot light – to keep it OFF OF HER!!

Of course this won’t work – because all the “Negative Nancies” and “Ducks” are hot on her trail. I think the days of “getting over” on the innocent are coming to an end. Just like her site. And let’s hope, her FREEDOM.

More Cryptic Messages

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I’d like to rewind a little and revisit a few comments that had me scratching my head the other day.  At first, I thought these comments were left by our friendly (or not so friendly) troll “Martina.”  Now, I’m not so sure!  Only because I’ve had a few days to digest it all and have come to the conclusion that maybe they were left by someone other than Martina.  After-all, Martina was not shy about putting her/his name on their comments.  So why would he/she use these names to identify them-self?  Unless they just wanted to keep the ducks guessing and cause more confusion. 

In case you missed it…. here are the comments that were posted at mariasol’s blog    2/14/08  &  2/16/08  

(remember Heidi was due to go before the judge on 2/18/08 to try to get her money unfrozen)

the other shoe said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.”Two. Name that step. Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.
Then when no one  really made an effort to figure out the puzzle, this comment was left on 2/16/08
fedup said…
One. Name that tune: “They will not rest, apparently, until Tippy’s site and this lady’s site and anyplace else current Kimkins members might really fell warmly welcomed is gone.” = Becky mad cause she n Tippy in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Jimpire? Oh no you don’t say the Jimmy. And all the Jimmyjoes say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no Tippy toein round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, ain’t no big thang’ cause see she got someplace else to go.
Two.  Name that step.= Texas Two Step. Becky n Bonnie in bidnez together, gonna quick rich get, hawking Kimkins diet by any other name. Where to set up shop? Inside the Chicken coop? Oh no you don’t say the Nancies. And all the Ducks say Oh no you don’t, mama don’t allow no finger lickin round here. Becky all hmmph n poo on yall, and it’s a big thang now cause see she runnin outa someplace elses to go.

Three. Name that set which consists of those sets b, bb, hb, jbb, jmb.= exit here Becky, Becky&Bonnie, Heidi&Becky, Jeannie&Becky, Jimmy&Becky. Get on out here. We — the people — the fed up with your greed, your lies, your conniving and your coverups — we’ve had it. Get out. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

  I almost missed the last comment.  I just happened to go back to see if anyone had responded since my last visit —  and there it was.  Someone was trying desperately to “out” Becky.  Does this have anything to do with Heidi’s court date?  Afterall, she is trying really hard to get her assets “unfrozen”  – Could Heidi have left these comments?  If not, then who else has it out for Becky?  Who is trying to make Becky look as bad as Heidi?  

Now, let me make this perfectly clear, I’m no Becky fan – not after her previous delivery of a hand grenade into the midst of the ducks –  but, if these above comments are accurate,  Becky’s “greed” and “need to cuddle up” to the likes of Tippy Toes, Kimmer, Jimmy Moore and Bonnie are her own short comings (Shameful, YES).  None of us want to see ANOTHER KIMKINS SITE!!  Even if they want to call it something else.  But, this doesn’t add up to fraud (IMO).  Heidi Diaz seems to have invented the words fraud and scam artist.   Let’s look at it this way…. what if Heidi wanted to SPREAD the guilt around?   Doesn’t it make sense that if Heidi wanted to point her fat little fingers at someone to make them the scapegoat – it would make sense to point them in the direction of Becky?  It’s already common knowledge that the ducks have been suspicious of her in the past.  So wouldn’t it benefit her to try and put Becky’s head on the chopping block so to speak?  If she could.

 Just because Becky seems to be on the side of the ducks (by way of the lawsuit) doesn’t necessarily make her one of us.  That’s true!  Maybe she’s the “Judas” among us?  And it does leave a nasty taste in my mouth to even think that way. YUCK!    BUT! and it’s a very BIG BUT, this in NO WAY negates the damage and criminal tactics of Heidi Kimberly Diaz.  Becky may be guilty of her own crimes… (maybe not!)  but until she starts (or we can prove that she already has been) taking innocent victim’s money at the expense of their health, I’m going to look beyond her and keep watching Heidi.    I agree there is plenty to learn about Becky!!  And, when and if, it’s found out that she is somehow still involved with Heidi…. and acting as a double agent (wolf in sheep’s clothing)….. that’s when Becky will need to be addressed.  And believe me when I say, I’ll be looking for it.  But, for now, my radar is still on Heidi and her future (or unknown) scams.  To me, she is a MUCH BIGGER THREAT!!!

If the “shoe” comment and the “fedup” comment weren’t written by Heidi, then who? “Martina”?????   If you’re out there and want to give us more information – please leave a comment here.  I’d love to know more about the information you’ve given us above.  Help us put the dots together… so we can have a clearer picture of what you are trying to say. 


OMG – Does someone have to die before KK is shut down?

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Two VERY alarming pieces of information has come to light in the past couple of days, that really has the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.  Both incidents involve the health and well being of kimkin’s members or their loved ones.  With all the information plastered across the web, it is unbelievable to me that this could even happen.  We have been SCREAMING at the top of our lungs that the kimkins diet is dangerous and could cause extreme health problems.  Yet, there are still those that WILL NOT listen to reason and continue to follow this extremely dangerous way of eating. 

Yesterday one of the posters on the FWK thread quoted a member from the kimkins forum who was asking others there for help with her ill husband.  Not asking for a medical professional – but, asking the other kool-aid infected members for advice.  Here is the post that was on the FWK thread.

Katinsac copied this post directly from the boards at KK to show the others what was going on at the paid membership only site.  Another member at LCF took that post and blogged about the incident at her site: GrilledCheesewithPickles

It’s frightening to think that this woman would consciously decide to ask for help for her husband by posting on a message board.  HE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION.  Not advice from a known criminal and scam artist.  Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR HUSBAND IS IN A DIABETIC COMA!!!! She cares about SCAMMING PEOPLE.  Yes, maybe someone on that site (a member) might have some medical experience or background.  But, come on, do you really want to risk your husband’s life by listening to someone who would follow this unhealthy plan?  Someone who BELIEVES IN KIMKINS???? That would be the last place I’d go for sound medical advice.  The brainwashing that goes on at that site is just UNBELIEVABLE to me. 

And today, there is another tragic story.  On the front page of the Kimkin’s website there is  a member who is participating in the “watch us lose” ad campaign.  This is where Kimmer, admins and members can show their weight loss success story by posting before and current pictures of themselves as they lose. 

Honeybee posted a comment on the FWK thread after doing some research on this above mentioned member.  Here is her post.

Why doesn’t this woman see the connection between her diet and her heart condition?  How can she come back, after going through her ordeal, to start this nutritionally bankrupt diet all over again?  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHE THINKING???  Doesn’t she realize that her heart condition is most likely related to this unhealthy diet?   Why isn’t her family, friends or loved ones  demanding that she NOT go back to this way of eating?  Especially after what she has been through.

I am desperately afraid for the folks still following this ridiculous diet.  My heart breaks more and more each time I read stories like this coming from inside that dreadful place.  PLEASE – I’M BEGGING YOU!  IF YOU ARE STILL FOLLOWING THIS DIET OR THINKING OF FOLLOWING IT, PLEASE THINK TWICE. Think about how crazy this plan is.  Read the <Kimkins Survivor Stories.  DO THE RESEARCH and find out for yourself all you can about this site and it’s founder.   If you won’t or can’t do this for yourselves – do it for your loved ones.  They don’t deserve to watch you kill yourself!  YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!!  Numbers on the scale are not worth risking your health.  And you may not even know, until MUCH LATER, the price you have paid for following that plan.