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Kimkins – Magic Chicken Diet

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OK, I’ve spent 3+++ Days on this post and I’ve given up!

I need some help here, guys!

It’s like a full time job – going back and connecting the dots….so if any of you could shed some light on these connections, or add to them, I’d be more than appreciative.

I feel like if I keep going at this by myself, I’ll never get it (this post) up and posted.  LOL

So keep watching, as I continue to add more and more information to this post over the next few days.  I’ve only touched on very little of this massive, underwater,  iceberg.  I think there is much more to be found.


Here is the original post: 

Is there a common thread?  A common denominator? 

Let’s look at some similarities and differences between the  two and You Be the Judge!

Mariasol has done an amazing recreation of the time-line on the creation and development of the Magic Chicken Diet.  Read all about it here at Mariasol’s Blog.

MCD Time Line:

  •  9/23/02 – Bonnie’s brother registers his condle site candleboxcandles dot com through DomainPeople, Inc.
  • 6/08/06 – Kimmer leaves LCF and opens
  • 8/01/06 – Bonnie claims to have started her diet
  • 9/07/06 – Bonnie registered her condle site through HostMonster
  • 5/02/07 – MCD website is registered
  • 6/10/07 – Bonnie’s husband, David places an ad at GetAFreelancer for a “CLONE” of Kimkins.
  • 6/12/07 – Bonnie’s 50th Birthday – She has lost 160 pounds in 10 months
  • 6/26/07 – The “Fascination With Kimmer” thread begins at LCF.  First post by “Paula Jayne” asking about Kimmer’s before and after picture.
  • 6/28/07 – Another “Texas Candle Factory” site is registered to someone in CA.
  • 7/03/07 – Kimmer’s picture found by “Tooter” at LCF
  • 7/20/07 – The MCD site is launched.   $19.95 will buy the first 200 members a lifetime membership.
  • 9/11/07 – Bonnie posts her first comment on her site.  She also trys her hand at marketing – by creating a couple of MySpace profiles and uploading pictures and videos of her weight loss success.  She has jumped in with both feet at this point.
  • 10/6/07 – Bonnie’s brother modifies his site through DomainPeople, Inc.
  • 12/9/07 – Bonnie decides to increase the “introductory” price to $69.95. (WOW- such a big jump for such a new company) Even though it is believed that there were only 20 members on board at this time.  And most, if not all were personal friends of Bonnie’s.
  • 12/16/07 – Bonnie’s magic chicken dot net site was registered
  • 12/20/2007 – The Lupers registered the MCD dot net site. 
  • 1/31/08 – Someone installed new software at the main MCD site and ALL 70 posts went POOF – GONE!  
  • 2/04/08  – Bonnie (?) modified the MCDdot NET site through HostMonster
  • 2/6/08 – Bonnie modified her candle site through HostMonster
  • 2/6/08  – Someone started a VERY UGLY posting rampage at the MCD dot net site.  It was apparent that the “ducks” had ticked Bonnie and/or David off.  The ramblings were painful to read and seemed to be written by a very disturbed person.  It stayed that way for a few weeks and then it was changed. 

Here’s something else:  Hulon Pate left a strange comment on Jimmy’s board on 12/14/07 – and was “called out” for being a “liar” by several of the ducks.  Could this be what spoiled something the MCD people had up there sleeves, that warrented  $69.95 price tag?  It was around this time that the price jumped from $19.95 to $69.95

Kimkins time line as it relates to the MCD site info above.  Most of what I’ve written here comes from old posts at Ducky’s, Slamboard and KK Controversy sites.  My point is to try and find a connection (in regards to dates) between MCD and Heidi.  For instance, cause and effect…. if something happened at KK, did it affect MCD in someway?? Or vice versa??

  • 4/22/06 – With the agreement of Heidi Diaz, is registered in Catherine MacDonald’s name at
  • 4/25/06 – The partnership agreement between Catherine and Heidi was signed
  • 6/8/06 – Kimmer leaves LCF and starts
  • 6/12/06 – Tippy joins Kimkins and quickly starts the Kimmer Foster Kid Challenge
  • 9/06/06Catherine requests a renegotiation of the buyout clause
  • 9/24/06 – Tippy quits posting at KK and goes back to LCF
  • 12/30/06 – Tippy returns to KK for 11 days and them goes back to LCF
  • 4/07 –         Christin has a Womans’ World photoshoot in California
  • 6/12/07 – Woman’s World Kimkins article hits the news stands
  • 7/26/07 – Kimmer (?) posts an ad for a Freelancer at to be a “sockpuppet”(same site David made an inquiry for the MCD website)
  • 8/14/07 – Email exchange between Heidi & Christin about “law” mentions hiding money
  • 8/16/07 – Becky leaves Kimkins – Other admins. leave shortly after.
  • 8/27/07 – After the original admins had left KK – Tippy started posting again at KK
  • 9/1/07 – Tippy is now Heidi’s “right hand man”
  • 9/05/07 – Real pictures of Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) were released.
  • 9/07/07 – Heidi receives complaint from BBB and the CA Medical Board
  • 9/10/07 – The Class Action Lawsuit is underway.  Thank you, Jeanessa!
  • 9/24/07  – Heidi forms Halcyon Web,LLC  & Sharp Plumbing,LLC
  • 10/3/07 – KTLA airs the story on Kimmer and the Kimkins diet
  • 10/4/07 – Many of the KK success story’s before and after photos were proved FAKE – Found on Russian bride mail order sites.
  • 10/4/07 – Kimmer sends email stating that Kimkins was now under new management.
  • 10/06/07 – Kimmer’s “red dress” after photo – FOUND!  another Russian Bride “Lesya”
  • 10/18/07 – Heidi withdraws $878,253.79 from investment account
  • 11/09/07 – Heidi writes check to the US Treasury Department $700,000 & $100,000  to the Franchise Tax Board
  • 11/12/07 – Kimmer meets with John T. for her deposition – Assets FROZEN
  • 11/16/07 – The Court entered an order to issue a Writ of Attachment on Heidi’s assets
  • 11/23/07 – Heidi’s SSDI benefits were terminated
  • 11/27/07 – Tippy posts at KK that she is taking a computer break
  • 11/27/07 – Tippy joins Amy at “Eating Low” under the name of JeannieLynn
  • 11/28/07 – Another KTLA update on Kimkins
  • 12/04/07 – Tippy leaves the Kimpound and tries to find another home at “eating low with Amy”
  • 12/10/07 – Marisol discovers the Magic Chicken Diet and posts about it on her blog
  • 12/13/07  – Hulon Pate (David and Bonnie’s “son-in-law”) leaves a comment on Marisol’s blog.
  • 12/13/07 – Becky’s rant, defending the chicken lady, at Jimmy Moore’s site and stomping all over the folks at LCF.
  • 12/14/07 – Brian and Heather (former front page success stories) leave KK and start CampCarbAway with Tippy
  • 12/17/07 – Yust Yucky posts a copy of the MCD diet in pdf form.
  • 12/24/07 – Fawn starts her FIRST blog – praising Kimmer and Tippy
  • 1/03/08 – Kimmer raises membership fee at Kimkins to $79.95
  • 1/19/08 – Kimkins makes the Good Morning America show on ABC
  • 1/23/08 –  Heidi’s second deposition with John Tiedt
  • 2/18/08 – Fawn requests refund from Kimmer and leaves the Kimpound
  • 2/28/08 – Fawn reports that she has received her refund from Kimmer