So Heidi, you say that you don’t promote laxatives……..

….or low calories and starvation levels of eating?  Yea right! Then how come I can find post after post showing YOU,  telling your “lifetime” members to do just that? OK, maybe you’ve been on your best behavior lately……. but, come on, we all know (and can prove) that you are only trying to keep yourself out of the HOT WATER  you’re in, since the “ducks” called your bluff and turned your butt into the authorities.  Let’s face it, you’re running scared.  And, with good reason!  Your, loyal kimkinites (that’s members) keep saying that they have never seen anything on the site that suggests and promotes such things.  Well, how come I can find it?  How come there is page after page recommending these ridiculous anorexia tactics?  Any newbie who’s interested in losing a serious amount of weight could easily stumble across such dangerous advice and think that this is the way to go.  Just because you’re watching your step now, doesn’t mean it’s always been that way.  Just read below:

Member #1 says, So, it finally happened to me.  Something downstairs is not going through the tunnels correctly, so I broke down ad bought some Epsom salt. I thought, on 2-3 teaspoons, that’s not so bad.  I have been dissolving them in the water for a bit and my first swig I almost (gagging face) So, the rest of it is sort of sitting here waiting for me to drink it, and I have to because you know…you sort of can’t just not go. 

Member #2 says…I’m pretty sure there is no way I could do the epson salt… I’ve tried MOM and that is nasty also… taste is horrid!!! Hope your able to get that down and get some relief….

Member #1 says…Well, I got creative and put half a lemon in there. Well, the juice of half a lemon.  I am sure someone will come along and tell me I counteracted the stupid stuff.

Kimmer says…What’s wrong with Epsom salts?It helps if you mix it in a blender with diet soda or strong Crystal Light.  Doesn’t help much, but it does help. <Belch>To start off, how about either trying ES again, or take a double dose of a “pill” type laxative? I’m glad you’re being brave, we don’t want “stuff” hanging around… no good!Lemon is fine, BTW! 

Member #1 says…Wow, interesting ideas! I will have to try them.  You know, I did consider the pills, they are cheap…but compared to the ES, they are like buying a whole cow!  The ES is insanely cheap and I figured I have to at least try it before I decide against it. It totally and I mean totally did the ol’ trick-a-roni. (smile face)

Here’s another Kimmer post on laxatives….For KE which is lean protein and fiberless, then no.If you’re doing Benefiber, check the fiber grams per serving and how often you’re taking it. It may be enough?The usual recommendation is 30 gm a day.If you’d like something more interesting, you can switch to Kimkins … or a couple days of unlimited Kimkins veggies, not the limit.If you’re taking fiber supplements, be sure to drink enough fluids or it will work in the reverse (ewww!) And/or supplement with a mild laxative to “help”.

A KK member posts her menus…I am so happy because I have found real ketosis and have no appitite due to that and SNATT. My only real concern is I am wondering something. Fasting is one thing but I am not fasting. So I am curious how long my calories can be really low before I have to worry. I have tried to keep them around 400 and have only managed that once in 4 days. Here is my breakdown from my fitday. I am trying not be be concerned but natural instinct is to question myself.

June 17th   188 cal   10 fat   5 carb

June 16th 373 cal   12 fat   4 carb   59 protein  17protein

June 15th 443 cal   32 fat   1 carb   36 protein   

June 14th 227 cal   7 fat   1 carb   37 protein

OH PSI can fit into my 18’s again. I can button and zip the regular ones but to tight to wear out of the house. The stretch ones I have been wearing all day today. Tried on 5 different pairs of 18’s today. I was having fun. I need to take my measurements again I bet I have lost some serious inchage since 44 lbs ago…. 

And her fellow KK member (Friend) replies…Woohoo! Great job!

Kimmer follows with….Did I tell ya or did I tell ya? It would happen!Don’t panic about low calories. First up, you had gastric surgery and your doctor intended that your calories would go way down. Many, many post op patients stick around 500 calories for months, until they’re closer to goal. Second up,Last up, think of all the plans that are designed by professionals to be specically very low calories: Stillman’s, Optifast, Last Chance Diet, any water fasting program. You don’t have to fast specifically. When your calories are very low, and foods are small (quick) to eat, your body can finish the digestion process that much faster. When digestion is done, your body goes back to housecleaning and repairs.Bottom line, as long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat calories — you’re carrying them with you. A person with 200 lb to lose is lugging around 700,000 calories! If your body needs 2000 calories for the day and eats 300, the body will take 1700 calories from body fat (which is why it’s there.) As you lose weight, your body will need fewer calories which is why weight loss naturally slows as we near goal.You do want to stay busy (painting a room was sheer genius!) You do want to take your Centrum type vitamin. Most of all, you do want to let your body do what it does best — take care of itself by dropping the extra fat.If you’ve got time, read my post on the benefits of water fasting (article by Curezone) which explains about what your body does for protein during a water fast. Very interesting stuff!How do you feel?

Here’s another shocking exchange…please look at my fitday 1 Year, 9 Months ago     I am up 3 pounds since yesterday! I lost 4 pounds overnight on thursday, now on friday I am up 3 pounds. I am sure it is water, because I have a tendency to retain for medical reasons. But, I want to make sure my food is okay for losing.  I have venous insuficiency that lets the blood pool in my legs. It gives me pitting edema in my calves and ankles. I do occasionally take a ‘water pill’ for this, as well as wearing heavy knee high support hose. (Boy are those pretty! LOL)        

Again Kimmer, spews…Let’s see, off the top recall the bathroom scale shows what we ate about 3-4 days ago.  For you, that’s the 13th and 11th (and before) your calories were a bit high at 1350’ish (sausage, hamburger, regular salad dressing, chicken wings and avocado).Pork sausage, 1 oz? Fitday default, what was the actual amt?Eggs (2), were they cooked in the fat from the sausage?Cauliflower, raw 1 cup – how did you measure the florets?Tuna, 4 oz – is that the weighed amount from a 6.5 oz can?Ken’s salad dressing, 2 teaspoons – is that flat measured or guessed?These are the foods I’d skip for now. Remember, it’s a short time and then we’ll add stuff back:Mt. Olive relish (I know it’s LC, but hold off)BBQ sauceavocadofull fat dressingchicken wings (especially premade)If you forego the extras (or every other day?) it will help. Check the veggie list to the left and limit salad type choices to 2 cup and “cooked” choices (like cauliflower) to .5 cup total per day. More chicken & fish and less hamburger & sausage will help, too. You’re making a big transition and you’re making splendid progress! Why do you feel bad about taking a water pill? If you need it you need it, pitting edema’s no fun! So grab a glass of water and do it!

Kimmer, says….    xxxxx, not really. If I am already deep in to kimkins (on week 3) and losing about a pound a day on 500-700 calories, and I take 1 full day of fasting, shouldn’t I at least keep losing at the same rate, and even an ounce or two more since I didn’t have my 500-700 calories that day? and kimmers said that we lose weight WAY faster than the 3500 calories per pound theory… because of the whole ketosis/dominos thing…

Here’s another member’s comment…..Ok… now I’m just plain getting upset!!! 1 Year,  2 Months ago     Friday morning of last week.. I was down to 173.4! I fasted friday.. Saturday, I was 173.2. Ok.. I’ll take the loss of .2 pounds…yesterday back up to 173.4!! and today.. 173.2! UGH!!!! I’ve been eating to plan.. I’ve been eating my salad.. lean meats… what the HECK?!?!? so, I haven’t technically lost anything in almost 5 days!!! DOESN’T MY BODY UNDERSTAND I’M WORKING UNDER A DEADLINE HERE?!?!!?!? I know that I’m due to get my TOM… but I DID NOT FACTOR IN A TOM STALL INTO THIS!! It’s messing up my 4-7 pound per week loss!! UGH!!! KIIIIIMMMMMMMMMERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! (ok… I feel better now..  A frustrated member seeks help….

Kimmer, replies….Where’s your Fitday and what kind/how much “salad”?

Member, says…. here’s my fitday.. salad I had yesterday was a bit bigger.. just romain lettuce.. chicken a little parmesan, and I’m not sure about the salad dressing. (we had a social event, and I did my best with the menu offered. I planned ahead, and had a tiny breakfast and nothing else the rest of the day.. but, I did eat a cup more lettuce than usual.. ) Anyway.. take a look and see what you think. Also, my husband and I had beef for the first time this month.. we bought fresh lean ground sirloin.. there wasn’t a fit day option for ground sirloin.. so, I chose my best option.. I measured 1/4 pound before cooking.. and it was grilled.. any help you could give would be helpful.. Also, I don’t typically add my drinks.. I probably should.. but, as a rule.. I drink 2 12 ounce cups of black coffee in the morning.. I have a 20 ounce SoBe Lean in the morning, and afternoon….. bottle says 5 calories.. and 1 carb… and the rest of the day is crystal lite, and water..

Kimmer, analyses her fitday….The good news is I don’t see anything glaring wrong. The bad news is that doesn’t help you. You’re positive on your food weights? .25 cup frozen spinach? 1.2 oz of protein?Keep in mind your SoBeLean is 5 calories per serving so see how many servings are in that 20 oz bottle. If it’s 0 carbs, that means hidden carbs — good news is that it doesn’t matter.Eating beef for the first time can cause a temporary “scale” stall (not a real one) because beef sits around longer. Don’t worry about it and pat yourself on the back for being so careful!Still no need for laxative help, huh?

Kimmer, said….For me it was Captain Morgan & Wild Cherry Pepsi … and not just one.  A “drink” is 1.5 oz, 3 tablespoons! What alternate universe do they live in, LOL?My problem, other than 3 tablespoons when my 22 oz drinks had 4 oz (8 tablespoons) is that I couldn’t stop at 1. I still have a huge problem with “1” of anything, I always want 2 … of anything.The bottom line for the Domino Effect is that when your carbs are cut to the bone and you FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT and not eat when you’re not hungry … calories get very low and you lose like crazy!Well, everyone loses on low calorie, right? Yes, but not the beyond comprehension weight loss if it’s low carb low calorie.Force yourself on a 600 calorie diet with unbuttered rolls, plain steamed rice, fruit cups, boiled potatoes & veggies and you’ll lose (you’ll also be hungry). Now, end up at 600 calories because you’ve lost your appetite due to ketosis and you’re picking lean protein & assorted lettuce or leaf veggies … your weight loss will leave the rice/potato people saying, “Huh?”Hint: Don’t deviate. Domino Effect weight loss is so SUPERLATIVE you’ll be at goal way sooner than you thought possible — not so if you sidetrack.


Kimmer again….. Slow down? No, not for me, but then I weighed over 300 lbs.I knew several things when I started:1) KE for 3 days first would get rid of my appetite2) I wanted to reach goal fast3) My body would actually be fine with no food, so any would be a bonus4) I knew I had to keep busySo, I did KE and lost my appetite. That vague, hmmm, nothing sounds good feeling. SNATT, to those of you who know!I knew my calories would drop like a rock once my appetite was gone, but low calories alone aren’t enough. It has to be very, very low carb low calories.Then, the Domino Effect.I’m not anti-exercise for other people, LOL. It’s not a passion of mine, but many people find it a strong part of their new, healthy life_style_ … go for it!I don’t put much stock in the basal numbers which is what shows “how many” calories you’re burning but you figure even 150-300 is that much closer to goal?There’s also a residual calorie burning for a few hours after, raising _meta_bolism for a bit.And wouldn’t you feel better? Walking with friends, stretching to yoga, chatting about “the burn”?If we notice naturally thin people, most likely we find they don’t eat as much as we think they do, and they’re more active … doing stuff around the house, less time in front of the computer or TV, always “on the go” it seems?You want to design a “life_style_”, not just lose.

Smart member, asking smart questions…..Kimmer I would like to know if there is such a thing as not enough calories cuz i guess it goes against everything ive ever been taught. Even atkins tells us that if u dont eat enough ur body will go into a starvation mode and u will not lose. Is that wrong cuz there r times when i am just not hungry but im scared if i dont have at least a little something ill stop losing. PLZ PLZ explain. Thank you for everything and i really want to lose 40 lbs. by may 25th i know i can cuz i am already halfway there!!!

But, Kimmer shoots her down with this….So sorry to be late responding. My eyes don’t “see” the stickies … bad on me!First, read this blurb from the blog about “Are You Afraid To Lose Fast?”Second, consider that the very purpose of gastric bypass type surgery is to limit calories severely. Patients are expected to live on 500 calories a day for months.Third, consider countries where food is scarce and citizens very thin. Why aren’t their bodies holding onto fat? Isn’t that supposed to be what happens?  Remember holocaust victims who survived on very, very little. Both examples lost weight quickly on very low calories.Fourth, consider Optifast & Medifast. Their original plans from the 1970s were 500 calories of 4 shakes per day. The very purpose of Optifast/Medifast was very fast weight loss for morbidly obese patients. These programs now are available for home use and are gunked up with snacks, foods and “meals”.Dr. Atkins did not say to eat. Read his original 1972 book. The “new” Atkins is totally different and now allows more veggies, fruit earlier, sugar alcohols, fiber subtraction, “net” carbs, etc. IMO this was so they could sell their new food products: bars, shakes, cereal, pancake mix … the list goes on. They wanted to remove the controversy about Atkins. What they created is a 1-2 lb a week diet … if that.Yes, you’ve been cautioned against low calories. But you’ve also been cautioned not to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. Now … if that interests you  you can always do Weight Watchers — but for my money, it’s old, old, old rhetoric: 1200 calories and 1-2 lbs a week should be enshrined in an antiques museum.

Another member has questions….I have the same kind of question. I’m in my third week and have only lost an additional .5, of course my TOM was messing with me for a few days, but when do the dominoes start? And how do you know? I have not cheated at all, I’m eating between 300-500 calories per day, and I’m not seeing much change. I’m not complaining! I still lost 24.5 in 2-1/2 weeks, much better than ANY plan I’ve ever followed.  

Kimmer reassures her….Well 24 lbs in 2.5 weeks is excellent by any standards! What are you eating at 300-500 calories? Your carbs must be around 4-6 per day?The most common “domino interruption” cause is adding a food, even something ‘innocent’ like DaVinci (which I’m not convinced is innocent at all!)

THE END – FOR NOW!!! (if I need to get more, I’m sure I can)

So – I’m calling BS on Kimmer’s claim to innocence.She’s a Lying, Liar that Lies every chance she gets!For all those folks out there that said these kinds of things don’t go on at Kimkins, WRONG! They are there.  They DO go on!  Kimmer (Heidi) did post these things and she’s crazy for trying to hurt these innocent members.   And anyone, who can just look past these posts and say “oh, but the diet works, and I don’t care if Kimmer gained her weight back, or whatever…”  You need to read these exchanges AGAIN!!!!!  


IF you’d like more information on WHY fat is important, especially while low carb eating see Bama’s blog 

More important information on eating disorders can be found here and here


13 Responses to “So Heidi, you say that you don’t promote laxatives……..”

  1. This is insane. As a recovering anorexic, I’ve been following this Kimkins smut with a lot of interest. I can’t believe anybody would encourage laxatives! I’ve ended up severely dehydrated so many times because of laxative abuse. And being proud of having ketones? Don’t they know that’s a sign of danger? Some people never fail to amaze me. Good job spreading the truth about Kimkins and an extra thanks for including references about eating disorders! Hopefully her followers will realise what they are doing to their bodies before it’s irreversible.

  2. […] the past few years. That and a lack of conscious has driven her to be a cheerleader when she would promote laxatives, encourage eating disorder behavior and lie about her weight […]

  3. Yust Yucky Says:

    Brava MJR on another excellent expose’ — time and time again Heidi has proven that she — via her own words — is her own worst enemy.

  4. Thank you for posting those! I start to think we were all under some sort of mass hallucination and maybe I was just reading things wrong. It is extremely clear in these words that she is a lying liar who lies. I’d love to see the pro-kk folk come and dispute this. I’d love for one of them to copy these words, post them on KK, and ask Kimmer flat out if she really did write those things. Watch how fast they get BANNED! Or even better she would make up some cockamanie story that those were “special” cases. GRRRRRRR

  5. kimkinscam Says:

    Thank you for your comment! It IS insane how evil Heidi is! It is insane to realize how many folks took her advice and “ran with it”. It’s obvious to me that she only has hatred and disdain for her members, to have promoted such crap. It’s also insane that so many still hang on her every word and still follow this dangerous diet. If only one person “WAKES UP” from reading my words (or Kimmer’s words here)…. It’s worth the time and effort to expose Heidi for who and what she is. I can only hope that the nightmare will end and her followers will “wake up”, “see the light” and “find the truth” before it’s too late.

    ((Hugs)) to you, in your recovery!!
    It can’t be easy to change/battle the mind set of anorexia – I truly admire you for the hard work it must have taken to “shake” this disorder. Good Luck to you in the future – and know that I’m here, cheering you on.

    YY and AveGirl,
    Thanks for your comments too!
    I appreciate the support and enjoy working along side you and others in this fight against Heidi Diaz. You, and many others, truly inspire me.


  6. Yust Yucky Says:

    This is why it’s absolutely essential that Heidi’s own words be preserved in their original context — they are proof beyond all doubt, beyond all argument, and beyond all attempts to cloud the issues. THANK YOU MJR for preserving and documenting the evil that is “Kimmer”.

  7. As much as Heidi wanted to get the information “out there” for all to read and sign up for her site…I bet now she is sorry some of it IS out there…She is one dangerious lady!

  8. Fantastic post, MJR!

    Heidi is Jim Jones reincarnate. She is a sadistic, evil, mad woman who loves inflicting pain on others.

    The more I read her posts, the angrier I get. She loves spewing advice yet hasn’t lost a pound to this day. Her current weight-loss statistics are a sham.

    How can this piece of shite sleep at night knowing what she’s doing to these poor women? As far as I’m concerned, she’s right up there with Ted Bundy and friends. She will pay the piper soon, very soon.

    Thanks so much, MJR, for the marvellous job you’ve done in preserving for posterity Heidi’s words, which will hopefully come back to haunt her sooner rather than later.

    My blog: Medusa

  9. Thanks for this. I am still recovering from doing Kimkins. I am still having a lot of hair loss and depression. Since I have have upped my fats though I have been able to think more clearly. I know that I need to give my body time to heal from the damage Kimkins has caused. I want to thank you and all the people who take the time to expose Heidi. I do believe you are saving lives.

  10. Barbara B Says:

    Thanks so much for this, even if it makes one sick to read it. She compares fast losers to Holocaust victims? Is there no end to this woman’s evil and twisted rationales?

    I felt so sorry for the member who agonized over having an extra cup of lettuce! OMG! And all the while, this witch was eating sugar cookies and having fun with Captain Morgan. Ya know, Heidi, jail is too good for you.

  11. yustyucky Says:

    More than anything I guess, this is what stands out to me about Heidi — the intentional, unremitting sadism. She knows what will happen to the people who take her advice — advice about laxatives, RetinA, starvation level dieting — she KNOWS. And it’s not that she gives them this advice in SPITE of knowing. She gives this this advice BECAUSE of knowing. It’s truly a chilling thing to witness.

  12. […] starvation and laxatives. Say goodbye to diet induced hair […]

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